Geological Time Square- Stockham

  • Precambrian Time 4600 MYA

    Precambrian Time 4600 MYA
    The earth formed from planetary nebual. Oldest age- dated rocks on earth. Fossil algae and stromatolites. Fossil evidence of bacteria. Fossil evidence of cells with a nucleus. First multi- celled organisms.Oldest marine wor,s and jelly fish.
  • Period: to

    Geological Time Span In One Calendar Year

  • Origin of life 3900 MYA

    Origin of life 3900 MYA
    3900 million years ago
  • Prokaryotes 3600 MYA

    Prokaryotes 3600 MYA
  • Eukaryotes 2100 MYA

    Eukaryotes 2100 MYA
  • Paloezoic Era 544 MYA

    Paloezoic Era 544 MYA
  • Cambrian Period 544 MYA

    Cambrian Period 544 MYA
    Burgess Shale animals. Animals with a notochord.
  • Ordovician Period 544 MYA

    Ordovician Period 544 MYA
    First fish. First fossil evidence of land plants.
  • Silurian Period 438 MYA

    Silurian Period 438 MYA
    First vascular. Oldest lung fish fossils.
  • Devonian Period 408 MYA

    Devonian Period 408 MYA
    Oldest fossil evidence of mosses. First insects. First lobe-finned fish. Fist land animals. First sharks. First seed plant.
  • Mississipian PEriod 360 MYA

    Mississipian PEriod 360 MYA
    First possible reptiles.
  • Pennsylvanian Period

    Pennsylvanian Period
    Permian system begins. Snail backed reptiles. End of Paleozoic. 96% of all lifre perishes.
  • Mesozoic Era "Age of the Reptiles" 245 MYA

  • Triassic Period 245 MYA

    First crodiles. First dinosaurs. First mammals. First turtles.
  • Jurassic Period 208 MYA

    Dilophosaurus, early dinosaur. First bird-Archeopteryx. Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus. Stegosaurus.
  • Cretaceous Period 144 MYA

    First flowering plants. Duck-billed dinosaurs. Protoceratops. Triceraptops. T-Rex. Velocirapter. End of Mesozoic, possible meteor or comet impact.
  • Cenozoic Era- The Age of Mammals- 65 MYA

  • Tertiary Period 65 MYA

    First ancestors of dogs and cats. Grasses become widespread. First ancestors of pigs and deer. First horses. First ancestors of rabbits. First monkeys. Oldest human like ancestors.
  • Quaternary Period 2 MYA

    First of 4 Ice Ages. Oldest human- ancestor fossil. Homo habilis. First modern man, homo sapiens. Mammath and mastodon bones. Revolutionary War. World War 2.