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Geologic Time Scale

  • Precambrian Period, 4.6 BYA

    Precambrian Period, 4.6 BYA
    •The Earth was formed
    •Contains the oldest dated rocks on earth
    •Fossil Evidence of algae, stromatolited, bacteria, and the first eukaryotes
    •The oldest marine animals such as jellyfish and worms
  • First living cells, 3.9 BYA

    First living cells, 3.9 BYA
    The first signs of life which started 3,900 million years ago. These were very simple and far from any common plant or animal life today
  • Stromatolites, 3.6 BYA

    Stromatolites, 3.6 BYA
    Rock-like structure formed in shallow water by the buildup of sedimentary grains by biofilms of microorganisms,
  • Silurian Period, 438 MYA

     	Silurian Period, 438 MYA
    •The first Vascular Plant life appears
    •Oldest Lung Fish fossils are discovered
  • Eukaryotes, 2.1 BYA

    Eukaryotes, 2.1 BYA
    The first cells with nuclei appear, and are called Eukaryotes
  • Paleozoic Era, 544 MYA

    Paleozoic Era, 544 MYA
    •Macroscopic plant life appeared
    •sudden appearance of invertebrates
    •first vertebrates (primitive fish)
    •Oxygen levels increased while the level of carbon dioxide dropped.
    •Water levels were nearly 200m larger than today.
  • Cambrian Period, 544 MYA

    Cambrian Period, 544 MYA
    •The apearence of Burgess Shale Animals (Animals [usually fish] with a notochord).
  • Ordovician Period, 544 MYA

    Ordovician Period, 544 MYA
    •The appearence of the first known fish
    •Fossil evidence of the first plants on land
  • Devonian Period, 408 MYA

    Devonian Period, 408 MYA
    •First fossil evidence of mosses.
    •Earliest Insects
    •Oldest Lobe-Finned fish and sharks
    •First land animals
    •Earliest seed plants
  • Mississippian Period, 360 MYA

    Mississippian Period, 360 MYA
    •First reptiles appeared
  • Pennsylvanian Period, 299 MYA

    Pennsylvanian Period, 299 MYA
    •The Permian system starts
    •Dimetrodon (Snail-backed reptiles) Appear
    •End of Paleozoic
    •96% of all life on Earth is killed by the largest mass extinction ever
  • The Age of Reptiles (Mesozoic Era), 245 MYA

    The Age of Reptiles (Mesozoic Era), 245 MYA
  • Triassic Period, 245 MYA

    Triassic Period, 245 MYA
    •Oldest crocidiles appear
    •First dinosaurs roam the earth
    •Earliest mammels
  • Jurassic Period, 208 MYA

    Jurassic Period, 208 MYA
    •Dilophosaurus: An early dinosaur appears
    •First bird: Archeopteryx
    •Apatosaurus Brachiosaurus, and Stegosaurus appear
  • Cretaceous Period, 144 MYA

    Cretaceous Period, 144 MYA
    •First flowering plants appear
    •Duck-billed dinosaurs
    •Protocerstops, Tricerotops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Velociraptors appear
    •Dinosaurs becom extinct
  • The age of Mammels (Cenozioc Era), 65 MYA

    The age of Mammels (Cenozioc Era), 65 MYA
  • Teritary Peroid, 65 MYA

    Teritary Peroid, 65 MYA
    •Early forms of dogs and cats
    •Grasses become widespread- 60 MYA.
    •Early ancestors of pigs, deer, and horses
    •First ancestors of rabbits
    •First monkeys
    •Earliest human ancestors (hominids)
  • Quatenary Period, 2 MYA

    Quatenary Period, 2 MYA
    •First of 4 ice ages
    •Oldest human-ancestor fossil: Homo Habilis
    •First modern man: Homosapiens