Gm strawberries

Genetically Modified Foods

  • Isolation of pure DNA for 1st time

    It is important that the DNA was isolated because people can start looking at it more closely and see the details in the DNA. This means that people could learn more about it and learn how to change or modify it. Without this proccess people wuldnt get a good look at how the DNA is formed and how to modify it.
  • Scientists transfer DNA into bacterium for the 1st time

    I chose this event because its the first time anyone tried to tyrnsfer DNA into another oganism. This could have led to ganetically modified foods because it was the start of the idea of changing organisms.
  • First permission to release a genetically modified food.

    Now since people were alowed to sell the GM food, more people would start knowing about it and start buying it. Since there is probably going to be a high demand, the supply would go down, so more people would want it.
  • Genes added to potato plants for nutritional value

    I thought that this was important because is the first time on the timeline somebody genetically modified a food to meet trends. Nowadays, the trends include convienience, taste, and health. The higher nutritional value increases the health.
  • Tomato plant can grow in salt water

    This is important because it is one of the ideas that scientists came up with to expand genetically modified products.
  • Rice was sequenced the first time

    Rice is a very popular food in the world. I think it is important that it was remade because then by modifying it, the consumers have more food to eat and buy, making it more convienient.
  • Japan makes botech decaffeinated coffee beans

    This is important because a huge fractio of the population in just America alone drink coffee. Caffeine makes people feel exhausted, so if it is decaf, there is more convienience.
  • European food safety authority concludes that genetically modified foods do not pose a risk in health

    If the autherities say that there is not a risk in eating GM foods, that falls under health. People will buy more food that is modified to fit their needs and that isnt toxic or unhealthy.
  • it is concluded that cloned animals are as safe to eat as non cloned animals

    This means that the animal that have been GM can also be eaten, and wont make anybody sick. This means that people will buy the cloned animals more and that they wilkl still remain healthy, a popular trend.
  • Next 20 years- less alergins and more health and nutritional value

    more people would buy foods if they are not allergic to them. Since they hold a higher nutritional value, they fall under the trend health.
  • Predictions

    people will start making food that is easier to eat but doesnt relax your mouth so much that your muscles weaken. For example they might make nuts and apples softer and easier to chew.
  • Predictions

    people will make GM foods that can work as medicine. maybe if someone is ill, they can just eat foods that have the ingrediants that medicine and pills nowadays have and the person will be scured without the bad taste of medicine or having to swallow a full sized pill to get better,