Generation X 1961-1980

By adifeo
  • First Televised Presidential Debate Between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon

  • Increase of Computer Production (1960's)

  • Martin Luther King Gave his "I have a dream" Speech

  • President Kennedy is assassinated

  • The first Civil Rights bill was passed to stop racial discrimination

  • The Beatles, a British rock and roll band became VERY popular

  • Walt Disney Died Of Cancer

  • Martin Luther King Was Asassinated

  • First Landing On The Moon

  • Nearly half a million people headed over to a 600 acre farm in New York for the Woodstock Festival

  • Creation of ARPANET- Foundation for the internet

  • Latch Key Kids

    Kids that go home after school and are home alone while parents are at work.
  • Amount of Single Parents increased from 3 million to 10 million

  • Beginning of Hip Hop (early 1970's)

  • Watergate Scandal

  • End of Vietnam War

  • First PC by Apple

  • Spread of AIDS (late 1970's)

  • Three Mile Island Incedent

  • The launch of MTV