GD The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place by E.l. Konigsburg, fiction, 296 pages

  • Chaper 1-9, Pages 1-85

    In the area i read, they had introduced Margret Rose, and explained about her very unplesant time at summer camp. It also introduced her two uncles, and the towers they had been building for 45 years, and how they were going to be torn down.
    Running total: 85
  • Chapers 9-16, Pages 85-174

    It these chapters, Margret tris to find a way to save her uncle's towers from destruction. She calls old aquaints and asks them for help, and they agree.
    running Total: 174
  • Chapter 16-30, pages 174-296

    In the end of the book, margret finds a way to save the towers, with the help of some mena girls she met at summer camp.
    Running Total:296