Timeline created by Austin122333
  • The odyssey

    The odyssey is the first gaming counsel that u could hock up to Ur TV at home.
  • IBM5100

    The ibm 5100 was the first portbale compurter and waied 55 pounds.
  • Atari

    The Atari was the fist of the Atari game counsels and was made in 1977
  • star raiders

    Star raiders was the first 3d game.
  • Pacman

    In 1980 the world famous game PAC man was created. It sold 125,000 copies and made up to 1,200,000,000 dollars in earnings by 1985
  • Nintendo NES

    The Nintendo NES was the first of the Nintendo brand and was made in 1983
  • commodore sx-64

    It was the first laptop that had a colorized screen it was 950$
  • Tetris

    In 1984 titris came out. Up to this date it has sold 60,000,000 copies in total and ranks 4th most bought game
  • Super Mairo Bros

  • Legend of zelda

  • Sonic

  • Playstation

    The play station was the first ever counsel that had shipped over 100 million units after nine years of its launch
  • Super mario 64

  • Pokemon Red

  • Playstation 2

    The playstation 2 made 250 million in sales and was made in 200
  • Xbox

    In 2001 was the release of the Xbox and sold 1.5 million units before the end of the year
  • Xbox 360

    The release of the Xbox 360
  • wii

    In 2006 the Nintendo will was created.
  • wii sports

  • Wii u

    In 2012 The Wii u was created. To this day it is still one of my favorite gaming systems
  • Xbox 1

    In 2013 the xbox one was created. To this day it is still haveing lots of users and is one of the top consels
  • ps4

    The ps4 was also made in 2013 and its Xbox's competitor
  • Geometry Dash

  • Nintendo switch

    The Nintendo switch could be played anywhere and could also be docked