Game Timeline

Timeline created by Fistj
  • Birthday

    Happy birthday me! Welcome to the world.
  • First Game Console

    First Game Console
    The first console that I played was PlayStation 2. It was the families. We had Shrek 2 (2004), Spyro: Enter the Dragon Fly, Sly Racoon, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, and more.
  • Game Boy Micro

    Game Boy Micro
    Though I didn't own one, I would play my brother's and sister's games.
  • Board Games

    I had been playing board games but I am playing it more often. Game of life, Hungry Hippos, Go Fish, Snap, UNO, etc.
  • Nintendo Ds Lite

    Nintendo Ds Lite
    First personal owned console. The first game I owned was Spoongebob: Draw to Life.
  • Wii

    The family gets a Wii
  • 3DS

    After my 2 DS Lites snapped in half, thanks to my sibilings, I got the 3Ds.
  • Laptop

    Began playing more games on my school laptop
  • Board Games- Chess, Chinese Checkers, and Checkers

    I began to learn more 'sophisticated games' near the beginning of high school. I sucked at them, still do, but they are a lot of fun
  • Progression

    Though it was choice, from the decision, i was forced to research games for my first year uni. This made me explore Steam and play more games on my 3DS, laptop, and Switch (I don't own)
  • Game Design

    You certainly didn't think you would be here. How far will this course take you? How will your interaction with games change?