Gallipoli Key eventts

  • Naval attack on the Dardanelles forts

    Naval attack on the Dardanelles forts
    The forts were bombarded with artillary from 18 allied warships.
    The turks fended off the attack but only just, and spent the night sleeping with one eye open and hoping they didn't attack again the next day, which they didn't.
    700 allied sailors died
    *attacking the forts by naval means
  • Allied forces land

    Allied forces land
    16,000 Australian New Zealand Army core members land at Anzac cove
  • Stalemate

    Sometime during the spring* Both parties wouldn't flank as it would result in unessisary death, both armies stared each other down from their trenches and neither would move.
  • second battle or krithia

    second battle or krithia
    25,000 soldiers and 3,000 naval personel (allies) fought in the effort to take krithia, a town on the peninsula of gallipoli, from the turks. the allies, lead by Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston failed with the number of casualties reaching 7,000. it was a doomed mission with the allies being vastly outnumbered in artillary and numbers.
  • Anzac soldiers received naval support

    Anzac soldiers received naval support
    In a pledge by the Anzacs to extend their trench line to what was called "baby 700" at the top of a hill, british warships gave artillary support to the core for their major attack
  • Major Percy

    Major Percy
    Major Percy Overton, New Zealand Mounted Rifles, with scouted up the valleys towards the heights of Chunuk Bair. He reported back that the area wasn't gaurded well and it would be possible to overpower, this would lead to the august offensive
  • The turkish offensive

    The turkish offensive
    The turks mount an attack on the alliied forces with 42,000 men but fail resulting in 10,000 turkish soldiers wounded or dead *masses of fallen turks
  • Simpson killed

    Simpson killed
    John Simpson Kirkpatrick, a stretcher bearer who became famous for using one of the water bearing donkeys to help him carry wounded soldiers to the medics and safety was killed by Machine gun fire.
  • Turks sign a brief truce

    Turks sign a brief truce
    A truce is declared between the two warring parties allowing them to retreive their dead from the battlefield and bury them without being attacked.
    *death on the battlefield
  • HMS triumph sunk by submarine

    HMS triumph sunk by submarine
    the U21 german submarine torpedoed the battleship named, "her magestie's ship Triumph" while it was gaurding a ship carrying soldiers at ANZAC cove.
    the "triumph" was a huge ship, proving the power of german subs.
    *the gigantic battle ship "triumph"
  • Third battle of Krithia

    Third battle of Krithia
    Described as "an exquisite summers day" by the allies.
    They managed to break through turkish lines but the advantage wasn't able to be followed up as the turkish lines held strong enough for them to protect krithia
    the turks conceded 9,000 casualties, the british 4,500 and the French just over 2,000
    *heavy artillary being used to break the firm turkish lines
  • Churchhill backs Gallipoli

    Churchhill backs Gallipoli
    During a speech made in Winston Churchill's consituancy in Scotland, he stated his belief in the gallipoli campaign "Through the Narrows of the Dardanelles and across the ridges of the Gallipoli Peninsula lie some of the shortest paths to a triumphant peace."
  • Turks attack Gully ravine

    Turks attack Gully ravine
    In a battle lasting 8 days along the Gallipoli coastline, the british forces managed to deplete the turkish soldiers by 10,000 men and then rubbed salt in the wounds by not allowing them a truce to bury their men, an utter failure for the turks.
    *unburied dead bodies at Gully Ravine
  • Action of Achi Baba Nullah

     Action of Achi Baba Nullah
    British troops from Helles launched an attack with the intention of gaining ground from the turks,
    The turks did lose trenches but the mission failed objectively.
    The batallions according the one officer "could not be induced to go forward"
    *british brigades fighting in the gully
  • The August offensive

    The August offensive
    It was the final dig by the allied forces to break the deadlock on the battlefield that had persisted since April.
    The main objective was the take control of high points along the Sari Bair range along the gallipoli coastline
    *allied soldiers rallying
  • Battle for lone pine

    Battle for lone pine
    Intended to draw turkish troops back from a battle involving the british happening further north.
    the attack involved the allies breaking and entering into the heavily gaurded turkish trenches
    A rare win for the ANZACs only suffering 2,200 casualties and the turks taking a hefty 5,000
    *a broken into turkish trench
  • Allies capture Chunik Bair

    Allies capture  Chunik Bair
    Primarily New Zealand troops, managed to capture Chunik bair from the turks while being outnumbered 2-1 even with the help of the 7th Battalion, the Gloucester Regiment and the 8th Battalion,
    the turks fought hard against the assult but couldn't stop the allies.
    *allies coming out from cover at Chunik Bair
  • Churchill resigns

    Churchill resigns
    The British prime minister of the time and great beleiver and orchestrator of the Gallipoli assult, left his post to fight with the allies in France,
    *an image used in british papers to send the word of his resignation
  • Evacuation approved

    Evacuation approved
    The british government gave approval for the allied soldiers serving in gallipoli (ANZAC and Sulva) to be evacuated since the objective had failed and they saw no further point.
    *fleet sent to take the soldiers home
  • Evacuation

    from the 8th-20th of december, 90,000 allied troops were put on ships leaving gallipoli after suffering 6,000 deaths and 20,000 casualties *docks of gallipoli