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  • Start of Naval Attack

    Start of Naval Attack
    Winston Churchill devised this navel attack marking the start of the gallipoli battle. They planned to attack the capital from the sea, with the heavy force off the big ships.
  • Main and Strongest Naval Attack

    Main and Strongest Naval Attack
    The ships now sailed up to the beach and many of the bigger ships got sunk. Many more re-enforcements came along and helped out.
  • Gallipoli Landings

    Gallipoli Landings
    The ANZACS landed on Z-beach and established some higher land. They landed under night , before dawn for the element of suprise.
  • Start of August Offensive

    Start of August Offensive
    As the fighters had trouble advanceing up the land, so they decided to change tactics. Although the other team lightly defended the land, they had an advantage of positioning.
  • Start of the Evacuation

    Start of the Evacuation
    The British government desided to evacuate Gallipoli. It was a hard desision because they had already lost half of my men.
  • End of Evacuation

    End of Evacuation
    Gallipoli was eventualy evacuated by using automated fire to descise them leaving.