• Captain Faik sees enemy ships

    At 2:00am he sees the enemy ships approaching
    At 2:30am he reports to his HQ due to his loss of clear vision of the enemy ships.
  • All Turk Defences are put on alert

    2:57am- All Turk Defences are put on alert
  • ANZACs Reached the shore

    4:21am- ANZACs got dropped off at the destination point,
    4:25am- ANZACs are taking heavy casualties due to heave trench fire from the Ottomans.
    4:30am- Ottomans request reinforcements.
    4:35am- First ANZAC units take trench on Hell Spit.
    4:35am- Ottoman machineguns are ordered to fire at the ANZACs and their boats.
  • The Kaba Tepe guns begin shooting

    4:50- The Ottoman Major Halis looses communication with captain Faik and orders his artillery battery to begin shelling the ANZAC landing area with devastating results.
    5:00- ANZACs give orders to silence the Ottoman machine guns.
  • ANZACs took control over a big piece of land

    7:20- commanding officers land.
    8:00- crucial tactic decision at plateau 400.
  • ANZAC main force start arriving.

    9:00am- ANZAC main force start arriving at 2nd Ridge while snipers fire at them.
    9:30am- ANZACs retreat but hold off Ottoman reinforcements.
    10:30am- ANZAC troops appemptr capturing Baby700.
  • NZ troops land

    11:00am- New Zealanders start landing.
  • ANZAC morale starts to sinc

    14:00am- Auckland Batallion reaches Baby700.
    14:00am- ANZAC morale starts to sinc.
    16:30am- After hours of fighting Ottomans finally hold off Baby700.
  • ANZAC line established on 2nd Ridge

    18:00pm- ANZAC line established on 2nd Ridge
  • First discussion of ANZAC evacuation

    19:00pm- First discussion of ANZAC evacuation
  • Ottomans' Counterattack

    21:03pm- Final Ottoman counterattack.
    21:15pm- Birdwood called ashore to talk about evacuation.
  • Note Dictated to General Hamilton

    22:00pm- Note Dictated to General Hamilton.