Galileo Spacecraft

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    Galileo Spacecraft

  • Sputnik, Gemini

    It was to test man and spacecraft for 2 weeks and orbit the earth in 98 minutes
  • Pioneer Program

    Forthe first of their kind explorers
  • Venera Probes

    It was meant to explore the planet Venus using probes
    Soviet RKA was involved in it
  • Mariner Project

    It was designed to examine mars, mercury, and venus. A volcano was found on Venus and the temperatures are too high for us to live on
  • Apollo Mission 2

    This was the first moon walk. The Apollo mission lasted from 1961-1972
  • Viking Probes

    They wanted to research any evidence of life and were getting high resolution pictures
  • Voager Probe

    It was meant to expand learning or Saturn, Juipter, Uranus, and Neptune
  • The Space Shuttle

    It could transport cargo and Russia was involved as well because they both wanted to get it
  • Galileo Spacecraft Launch

    Europa is one of Jupiter's moons.
  • Closests Flyby to Europa

    Europa is one of Jupiters moons.
  • Cassini

    Launched to study Saturn and it's moon
    They used cameras to see cosmic dust and sophisticated sensors
  • Space Stations

    This is the biggest and most important Space station. It took 13 years to build by just sending the bits into space
  • Magellan Spacecraft

    We wanted to compare Earth to Venus and see if living there would be suitable but it wasnt
  • NEAR Mission

    It was sent out to measure the shape, mass, density, gravity field and more of Eros
  • Mars Exploration

    Opportunity was launched on June 4th to beart the Soviet Union to Mars, which it did
  • Crashes on Jupiter

    Crashes on Jupiter to protect it's discoveries about Europa
  • Genesis Spacecraft

    Samples were significant because by getting solar wind, scientists can develop an understandiung of how a solar nebula became our solar system
  • Hubble

    The Hubble orbits around the Earth and into space, taking millions of pictures. It allows us to see images outside of the Milky Way