Galileo space probe

  • start

    On October 18, 1989, the Galileo Space Probe was launched.
  • First Satellite

    First Satellite
    On this date, the Galileo Space Probe became the first man-made satellite of Jupiter.
  • Close Approach

    Close Approach
    On this date, the spacecraft got 110 miles away from Io.
  • Moon Amalthea

    Moon Amalthea
    On this date( except the date; it didn't say it,) Galileo made its only encounter with the moon Amalthea.
  • Far,Far away...

    Far,Far away...
    On this date, the space probe was the furthest ever away from Jupiter.
  • Ending

    on this date, the Galileo Space Probe mission was terminated by accelerating the probe at 50kilometers per second through the atmosphere of Jupiter.