Funding Basic Education in Washington State (McCleary)

  • McCleary Case Filed

    Case file The McCleary case was officially filed.
  • ESSB 2261 Passes

  • Final Judgment of Trial Court

    Trial Court Final Decision Trial Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs. Judge John Erlick writes "State funding is not ample, it is not stable, and it is not dependable."
  • State appeals Superior Court decision

  • Supreme Court Issues Dissent in McCleary case

    The Supreme Court finds that the Washington State Legislature has failed to fully fund K-12 education as required by the state Constitution.
  • Supreme Court Order Issued

  • Joint Select Committee issues first report to the Supreme Court

  • Supreme Court requires progress reports from State

    The Supreme Court requires the Legislature to provide updated reports on their progress towards fully funding basic education.
  • Supreme Court order declares Joint Select Committee report falls short

    The Joint Select Committee on Article IX does not sufficiently indicate how compliance to fully fund basic education will be achieved.
  • Supreme Court requires complete plan for full funding of education

    A Supreme Court order requires a complete plan for full funding by April 30, 2014.
  • Legislature reports back to Supreme Court on progress of fully funding education

    WA Supreme Court ordered the Legislature to have a detailed report on its progress for fully funding education. The report did not include a plan for full funding.
  • Supreme Court issues "show cause" order to State

    The Supreme Court issued a "show cause" order that required the state to show why it shouldn't be heldin contempt after not producing a plan for full funding at the April 30, 2014 meeting.
  • Joint Select Committee files second report to Supreme Court

    The Joint Select Committee for Article IX files its second report to the Supreme Court.
  • Supreme Court holds State in contempt

    The Supreme Court holds the State in contempt of court for not providing a plan for fully funding education. They issued no sanctions. If ample progress is made in 2015 the contempt will be purged.
  • WA State Session Adjourns

  • Beginning of WA 2018 School Year

    Education must be fully funded the 2018 school year as per Supreme Court ruling.