Road to Revolution

Timeline created by Jonah Suliafu
In History
  • French and indian war

    A north american conflict between great britain and france
  • Proclamation of 1763

    British crown at the end of the French and Indian War in North America,
  • Sugar act

    sugar and molasses from the French and Dutch West Indies
  • Stamp act of 1765

    Act of the Parliament of Great Britain which imposed a direct tax on the British colonies in America
  • Townshend act

    a series of laws passed by the British government on the American colonies in 1767
  • Boston massacre

    The Boston Massacre, known to the British as the Incident on King Street, was a confrontation on March 5, 1770 in which British soldiers shot and killed
  • Tea act

    The act granted the company the right to ship its tea directly to the colonies without first landing it in England
  • Boston tea party

    It was a protest by the sons of liberty
  • Intolerable acts

    punitive laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774 after the Boston Tea Party.
  • 1st continental congress

    a meeting of delegates from 12 of the 13 British colonies that became the United States.