French and Indian War

  • First battle

    Place:Ohio Valley
    The French had help from Huron Indians
    The British had help from Iriquois
    *Huron Indians despised Iriquois
  • Battle

    TheFrench attack Fort Necessity and tell Washington and his men to go back to VA safely but promise not to build another fort west of the Appalacian Mountains for at least a year
  • Albany Plan of Union

    Albany congress failed,Iriquois indians break relations with The british and threaten them to trade with the French.
  • No more French territory

    General Edward Braddock gets rid of all French territory like Ohio and Canada.british attack Ohio valley, Mohawk valley, and Acadia.
  • War declaration

    War declaration
    The French and Indian war is declared!
  • Fort William Henry

    Fort William Henry
    French have dominated the battlefield including battle at Fort William Henry because the British were massacred by the French.
  • Britain Captures Quebec

    Britain captures Quebec which is the contoller of New France's supplies,when quebec fell all supplies are cut off.
  • Fort Dequesne

    Fort Dequesne
    French built a fort near Ohio Rivers.
    VA sent a militia to build a fort but when he notices the french already built a fort(Dequesne) so he built a small fort called Fort Necessity.
    When the French found the fort they forced the militia and his men to surrender.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    France losses all territory in Canada, most empire in India, and gets lands east of the Mississppi River.
    Spain got west land of the Mississippi River.
    England got all French land in Canada, Caribbean slave trade rights, and commercial dominance in India.