Fraser D'Ambrosio Decleration of independence

By ltd8795
  • French and Indian War

    the war was fought primarily between the colonies of Great Britian and New France. the war erupted into the world wide conflect involving Britian and France. lasting in the name the Seven Years War.
  • Britians Tightens controls

    The british parliment believed that it had complete authority over the entire British empire, while the americans believed they had the right to govern themselves. Britan tightened its control and began to tax them for the first time.
  • King George becomes King

    This is important because when he became king, he dealt harsher with the colonies. he had a better control on them and handeled them correctly.
  • Stamp Act

    the english annouced a tax on paper, like news papers,cards and other items. this is important because the colonies became enraged.
  • Communties of Correspnodence

    these were formed throughout the colonies as a means of coordinating action against Great Britian. Many were formed by legislatures of repsepected colonies other by extragovermental associations.
  • Boston Tea Party

    the boston tea party was a resistance movement against the tea act. colonist objected to the tea act because they belileved it violated their right to be taxed only by their own elected representatives.
  • Intolerable Act

    these were a series of laws passed by the British parliment. these acts triggered outrage and resistance in the thirteen colonies. this later led to the beginningn of the united states.
  • First Continental Congress

    this was a group of delegates from 12 British north american colonies. they were called in reponse to the intolerable acts that had punished boston for the boston tea party,
  • Lexington and Concord

    here the first shot was fired between the american and British troops. the british were marching to concord where the americans held their weapons but as they were passing through lexington, they all went open fire. by the time the british got to concord the americans were waiting and the british had to back down.
  • Second Congress

    delegates from the thirteen colonies started meeting soon after warfare in the american revolution war had begun. they managed the colonial war effort and moved incrementally towards independence.