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  • Vietnam War Starts

    Vietnam War Starts
    The Vietnam War was the most impactful war the US fought in due to its large number of young casualties and seemingly unecessary beginning. The war began by Dwight D. Eisenhower claiming Communist forces in Vietnam attacked US boats when, in fact, they did not. This lead to increasingly invasive attacks from the American government that slowly started to spark protest among the American public due to their high number of civilian casualties.
  • Kennedy Assassinated

    Kennedy Assassinated
    John F. Kennedy was one of the most loved presidents in all of American history for many reasons. He was young, charismatic, handsome, and he was guiltlessly outspoken about civil rights and equality. He was the turn of social norms for America and worked from the first day as president, till his early demise working to gain all members of American society the same rights as everyone else. He was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas.
  • L. Johnson Signs The Civil Rights Act

    L. Johnson Signs The Civil Rights Act
    What started as Kennedy's act, was quickly transferred onto L. Johnson shortly after Kennedy's assassination. Johnson, while reluctant to sign the bill, knew that it was the right thing to do despite all the backlash from his supporters. This bill was a major victory for all civil rights activists as it was the first time that their needs/wants were heard and acknowledged by the American Government in a huge way.
  • MLK Jr. Assassinated

    MLK Jr. Assassinated
    Perhaps one of the brightest minds in American history, Martin Luther King Jr. preached for equality and justice for all. His methods were peaceful and left all included so long as they supported his cause. Given his untimely demise, his campaign was left to be carried out and completed by his followers. His legacy has yet to be forgotten and it is without a doubt that MLK Jr. should go down in American history as a hero.
  • Moon Landing

    Moon Landing
    The moon landing broke the worlds expectations for scientific boundaries. Before this, space was unexplored and only thought about in theory. This giant leap for mankind was one that sent America straight to the front of the race in astronautical science and allowed for many great scientific discoveries.
  • Woodstock 1

    Woodstock 1
    Woodstock was originally staged as a blatant distraction from all the societal turmoil in America. It was a large influence on hippie culture which included the use of drugs, sex, and rock and roll to "liberate" the mind and body. Woodstock was a safe-haven for this type of living and it allowed for the hippie lifestyle to be adopted all over the country.
  • Kent State Massacre

    Kent State Massacre
    The Kent State Massacre was a good example of how the American government can sometimes overstep its boundaries of democracy and slowly delve into a more authoritarian force. Four students protesting for peace and equality were killed in the name of the thing that they were fighting for themselves. It caused great government backlash and even more supporters joining their cause. This goes to show the power of the American public when standing up for something good.
  • Nixon Declared War on Drugs

    Nixon Declared War on Drugs
    Nixon's declaration of war on drug use has claimed many casualties in the form of unlawfully punished minorities. Mainly arrested for petty drug crimes, a large amount of minorities were taken in by this racially charged battle on drug use. The propaganda used was extremely racist and formed a very biased opinion on certain ethnic groups such as the Blacks, Mexicans, and Caribbean natives.
  • Roe v. Wade

    Roe v. Wade
    Roe v. Wade was a turning point in all women's lifestyles as it allowed for legalized abortion as long as it was in the first trimester. This meant that if an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy was conceived, the woman may choose to save her life as is by terminating it before it becomes too grown. The legalization of this meant that it was done safely and sanitarily which was a huge risk prior to the passing of this case.
  • Diplomatic Ties With China Established

    Diplomatic Ties With China Established
    Diplomatic ties with China being established marked a turning point in US industry. Trade now being open with one of the leading manufacturing superpowers of the world meant that America was able to increase it's imports and exports significantly and also had a large spike in job opportunities for both American and Chinese citizens. It united two of the largest standing armies in the world which was greatly helpful for ensuring world peace.
  • Cold War Ends

    Cold War Ends
    The Cold War was an era spanning from after WW2, until 1991. This time period was filled with terror as any use of weapons or attacks on practically any dangerous nation would result in mutually assured destruction via nuclear weapons. The end of it was the mark of decreased tensions between America and a lot of Eastern Europe.
  • Clinton Signs NAFTA Into Enactment

    Clinton Signs NAFTA Into Enactment
    NAFTA was a trade agreement that involved limited tarrifs between America, Canada, and Mexico. This trade agreement resulted in lowered costs for many different goods and secured the US economy by linking it closely with two easy to trade with nations. This was an incredibly smart enactment that has resulted in billions of dollars being made and thousands of jobs opening up for many civilians.