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  • Vietnam War- Chapter 33: War in Vietnam, Section 2

    Vietnam War- Chapter 33: War in Vietnam, Section 2
    The Vietnam War was the struggle to unify the country of Vietnam and prevent the spread of communism. The communist North was put up against the Vietcong in the South with the help of its United States allies. It began after the rise of Ho Chi Minh and ended with the communist forces taking control over Saigon.
  • Desegregation of Alabama & Little Rock Nine- Chapter 29: Society After World War II Section 3

    Desegregation of Alabama & Little Rock Nine- Chapter 29: Society After World War II Section 3
    The Little Rock Nine were a group of African-American students that were enrolled in Little Rock Central High School, causing much controversy and conflict, known as the Little Rock Crisis. The students were prevented from entering the segregated school by Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus. President Eisenhower called in the National Guard and sent units of the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division to escort the nine students into the school.
  • Outbreak of HIV/ AIDS

    Outbreak of HIV/ AIDS
    The HIV outbreak is known to began early in 1981, when in fact we observe deaths due to this mysterious illness as early as 1959. There began to be an outbreak of many individuals who seemed to be healthy, having flu-like symptoms, fevers, pneumonia, and constantly being tired. During the time period, the disease was unknown to doctors, only being recognized as a viral infection. An increase in the amount of people with HIV was a result of the hippie movement and the use of unsanitary needles.
  • JFK assassination

    JFK assassination
    President John F. Kennedy was traveling west, speaking in nine different states campaigning for the presidential election that was coming up.As the car the Kennedys sat in turned off of Main Street at Dealy Plaza, the sound of gunfire filled the air. The President was struck in the neck and in the head by Lee Harvey Oswald and rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
  • Hippie Movement- Chapter 32: Struggles for Change, Section 4

    Hippie Movement- Chapter 32: Struggles for Change, Section 4
    The goal of the hippie movement was to show opposition to the materialistic society that was forming and to advocate the simplicity and pursuing an individual life. To relay their message, hippies disrespected their elders as well as society as a whole, wore psychedelic colors, grew their hair out long, and had a dirty appearance. They also used drugs such as marijuana, LSD, etc to become at peace with their mind and the outside world. This was in an attempt to portray their Anti-war mindset.
  • Americans Walk on the Moon

    Americans Walk on the Moon
    The Space Race caused much competition between the Soviet Union and the United States, ultimately leading to Apollo 11 being launched by the United States. Michael Collins was in the Columbia, the command module, and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were in the Eagle, the lunar module, when they both landed on the moon. After much preparationg, Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".
  • Ping Pong Diplomacy

    Ping Pong Diplomacy
    The foreign relations between the United States and China was directly improved by the help of the Ping Pong Diplomacy, when the U.S. recieved an invitation from the Chinese to the 31st World Table Tennis Championship. Their stay was all expense paid ant they were the first Americans allowed to travel into China following the Communist takeover. It became known to the public of their imporved relations while the negotiations that were occuring remained a private and secret matter.
  • Watergate

    Burglars connected to President Nixon's reelection were caught wiretapping the phones and stealing confidential files in the Watergate Hotel.The burglars were arrested. After the news about the Watergate scandal reached the public, President Nixon resigned, raising much controversy regarding the topic.
  • Nixon resigns

    Nixon resigns
    The Watergate scandal resulted in a decrease in political support of President Richard Nixon. He was accussed of unlawful activity and was forced to be removed from office. Gerald Ford was his successor and filled in the shoes Nixon left empty when resigning.
  • Hurricane Carmen

    Hurricane Carmen
    Hurrican Carmen was the most intense and most destructive storm to hit the Atlantic during this time period, observed to be a category 4 hurricane. It originated in Africa and eventually made its way through the Caribbean Sea, into the Gulf of Mexico, and up the Atlantic Ocean. Many U.S. states were affected, such as Louisiana and Texas, where homes and crops were destroyed and damage was severe.
  • Disco Movement

    Disco Movement
    The disco was the movement during the 70s lead my the baby boomers after the 60s counterculture revolution. During this time, the majority of the demographic attending the discos were white, heterosexual, urban, and suburban middle class. This movement took place because of the drive many had to feel the freedom of the hippies and for enlightenment.
  • Ronald Reagan Attempted Assassination

    Ronald Reagan Attempted Assassination
    69 days into his presidency, Ronald Reagan survived an attempted assassination while speaking in Washington, D.C. John Hinckley, Jr. shot the president along with three others, cuaing internal bleeding and a punctured lung. Although the president was able to recover quite rapidly, Hinckley was found not guily by reason of insanity and was sent for psychiatric help.