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Forrest Gump Historical References

  • Forrest is named after Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Forrest is named after Nathan Bedford Forrest
    Forrest is named after the racist organization's founder, to remind him that people do crazy things.
  • Forrest's Dance to Hound Dog

    Forrest's Dance to Hound Dog
    During a stay in Alabama, up and coming Elvis Presley stayed at the Gump house. With the metal braces supporting Forrest's weak back still on, Forrest began to dance to the early stages of "Hound Dog", later published in 1957. His dance, which consisted of shaky legs and rapid hip movements, was later adapted by Elvis, making it his signature move in his claim to fame.
  • Period: to

    Forrest Gets Drafted

    After graduating Alabama U, Forrest gets approached by a recruitment officer to join the war in Vietnam. He accepts, promptly getting placed with Bubba, his new best friend, with Lt. Dan, who Forrest saves, much to Dan's dismay.
  • Forrest Meets JFK

    Forrest Meets JFK
    As apart of the National American Football team, Forrest meets the President of the United Sates, John. F. Kennedy. During this meeting, Forrest details the lavish food provided, drinking almost 20 pepsi's, causing him to promptly say "I need to use the bathroom" while shaking the President's hand.
  • Alabama Univeristy Accepting Black Students

    Alabama Univeristy Accepting Black Students
    Forrest witness' Wallace's peaceful protest in front of the front doors of Alabama University, where Forrest attended. He helps a young black women with her books during the news coverage, prompting controversy between Bare Bryan, his football coach.
  • Forrest becomes a ping pong master

    Forrest becomes a ping pong master
    During his rehab after being shot in Vietnam, Forrest learns how to play ping pong. He's asked to participate in Ping Pong diplomacy all around China and The U.S.
  • Forrest Inspires "imagine"

    Forrest Inspires "imagine"
    During a talk show in '71, Forrest talks about Vietnam to John Lennon, inspiring the hit "Imagine" almost a year later.
  • Forrest Spills Watergate

    Forrest Spills Watergate
    After being commerated by President Richard Nixon, Forrest calls security while seeing men with flashlights snooping in the Watergate Complex he was staying at, causing the Watergate Scandal.
  • Forrest Meets Black Panthers

    Forrest Meets Black Panthers
    Forrest gets taken to a Black Panther meeting by Jenny. The Black Panthers were fighting racism and oppression against Black Americans beginning in the 60's.
  • Hurricane Carmen

    Hurricane Carmen
    During his endevors as BubbaGump, the shirmping company, Hurricane Carmen hit Louisianna. During this time.all other boats got wiped from the shore. All the shrimp landed with Forrest and Dan, making them rich and taking BubbaGump to a new level of franchise.
  • Forrest invests in Apple

    Forrest invests in Apple
    Lt. Dan informs Forrest, who is now home with his dying mother, that they invested in a "fruit company", known as apple, which soon takes off as a national hit.
  • HIV outbreak

    HIV outbreak
    Jenny, who has done hardcore drugs over the years, contracts a virius unknown to doctors. This marks the HIV/AIDS outbreak in the 80's.