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Hidden Figures Timeline

  • Vaughan was promoted to lead the West Computers

  • Mary Jackson joined the West Computers at NACA

  • Katherine Johnson joins NACA’s West Computing unit

  • Jackson became the first black female engineer at NASA

  • In 1958 NACA was incorporated into NASA which banned segregation

  • Dorothy Vaughan served as the head of the West Computers until 1958

  • Johnson co authored a paper with one of the group’s engineers

    It was the first time that a woman from her division received credit as an author of a research paper
  • Katherine calculated the path in 1961 for Freedom 7

    The aircraft that put Alan Shepard in space
  • Johnson verified the Friendship 7's trip

    John Glenn who became the first astronaut to orbit Earth specifically asked Johnson to verify that the computer had planned his trip correctly in 1962
  • Katherine calculated for the Apollo 11

    For the Apollo 11 mission, Katherine Johnson was part of the team that did the calculations
  • Vaughan retired from NASA