Forest Gump Timeline

  • Forrest hip dancing for Elvis Presely

    Forrest hip dancing for Elvis Presely
    Forrest does a dance in front of Elvis, to the beat and sounds of Elvis's guitar.
  • Elvis performs Hound Dog

    Elvis performs Hound Dog
    Elvis, on live television signs his famous song "Hound Dog" while doing Forrest's dance.
  • Forrest meets President John F. Kennedy

    Forrest meets President John F. Kennedy
    Forrest makes the All American-Football Team and therefore gets the privilage of meeting President JFK.
  • President JFK is assainated

    President JFK is assainated
    About two years after Forrest had met him, President John F. Kennedy was assainated. Forrest didn't understand why someone would do that to such a nice man.
  • Desegregation

    At the University of Alabama, African-Americans tried to go to the same school as white people did. They walk through the doors and Forrest didn't understand what the big problem was or why the African-Americans wanted to go to school with the white people.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    Forrest enters the Vietnam War.
  • Forrest in War

    Forrest in War
    Forrest Gump in one of his many strong efforts saves one of his fellow soldiers refusing to leave anyone behind.
  • Anti-War movement

    Anti-War movement
    Forrest speaks about the war in Vietnam during the Anti-War movement and the Rally.
  • Ping Pong

    Ping Pong
    Forrest Gump discovers the game of Ping Pong.
  • Lunar Landing

    Lunar Landing
    Forrest Watches television discovering that Lunar has landed on the moon.
  • Medal of Honor

    Medal of Honor
    Forrest earns the Medal of Honor and meets President Johnson
  • Ping Pong tp China

    Ping Pong tp China
    Forrest goes to China to play ping pong against some of the best in the world.
  • Talk Show

    Talk Show
    Forrest sits down on a talk show with John Lennon of the Beatles.
  • Watergate incident

    Watergate incident
    Forrest meets with President Richard Nixon. Watergate Scandal.
  • Hurrican Carmen

    Hurrican Carmen
    Forrest has to deal with Hurricane Carmen while out looking for shrimp with Bubba. This is the beginning of the BubbaGump Shrimp Company,
  • Apple Inc.

    Apple Inc.
    Forrest is told he doesn't have to worry about money anymore because it will be taken care of by the investments in Apple.
  • Forrest's Run

    Forrest's Run
    Forrest Gump runs across the country for two years.
  • Jenny

    Jenny and Forrest meet up again. Jenny is very sick, and Forrest invtites her to stay with him and to take care of her. Also he is intoduced to his son. This all happens after the death of his mother.
  • HIV/AIDS breakout

    HIV/AIDS breakout