forest gump 60s porject

  • Period: to

    movei timeline / forests birth

    movie span
  • forest meets elvis

    forest meets elvis
    as a guest of the gump house elvis presley meets a young forest gump with leg braces. with elvis playing guitar forest starts dancing. elvis is intreged with his dancing althow he is handycaped
  • forest sees elvis on tv

    forrest walking with his mother stubmles across elvis on tv preforming hound dog while doing the dance that he recently had shown elvis while a guest at the gump household
  • gump meets JFK

    gump meets JFK
    as a collage football star forest gump gets to meet president kennedy to be part af the all american football team
  • forrest graduates collage

    forrest graduates collage
    after graduating forrest is perswaded to join the army and was soon after was sent to vietnam
  • lincion memorial

    after being wounded in vietnam forest visits an antiwar rally in d.c where he meets abbie hofman and the black panthers.also reuniting with jenny and introdicing him to the counter culture
  • forrest meets president Lyndon B Johnson

    forrest meets president Lyndon B Johnson
    forrest gets awarded the medal of honar for saving the lives for his men in vietnam
  • people republic of china

    people republic of china
    forrest travels to china with the u.s army ping pong winning 25
  • dick cavet show

    dick cavet show
    forrest meets john lennon. he is on the show for all of his previous accomplishments
  • forrest meets president nixion

    forrest meets president nixion
    after going to china forest meets the president for the third time
  • forrest visits the watergate hotel

    forrest visits the watergate hotel
    after meeting the president for the third time. president nixion invites forest to stay at the watergate hotel he witnissed the watergate scandle
  • bubba gump shrimp company

    bubba gump shrimp company
    using his money from his ping pong forrest starts his fishing career
  • forest leavs the shrimp co

    forest leavs the shrimp co
    forest leaves the shrimpin buisness to take care of his dying mother leaving LT dan with advice to invest in the fruite company
  • Period: to

    cross-country tour

    forrrest starts running for no reason form his home in alabama. he runs across america many times
  • forest gets a letter

    jenny has been diganosed with an incureable disease inviting him to visit she introduces he as a son also named forrest
  • jenny dies

    jenny dies
    jenny dies of HIV/AIDS leaving forrest to raise their son