Foreign Policy and WWI (1865 - 1918)

  • Period: to

    Andrew Johnson's Presidency

  • Alaska Purchased

    "Seward's Folly"
    purchased for 7.2mil
  • Period: to

    Ulysses S. Grant's Presidency

  • Period: to

    Rutherford B. Hayes' Presidency

  • Period: to

    James A. Garfield's Presidency

  • Period: to

    Chester A. Arthur's Presidency

  • Period: to

    Grover Cleveland's Presidency

  • First Pan-American Conference

    Washington DC
    Representatives from Western nations agree to create a permanent organization for international cooperation in trade and other issues
  • De Lome Letter

    Spanish diplomat critisizes President McKinley
    Official spanish insult
  • Period: to

    Benjamin Harrison's Presidency

  • Period: to

    Grover Cleveland's Presidency

  • Period: to

    William McKinley's Presidency

  • Sinking of the Main

    Shpi suddenly exploded while anchored in Havana, Cuba
    yellow press accuses Spain, even though it was probably an accident
  • Teller Amendment

    Authorizes war on Spain
    Also states that US does not plan to take political control of Cuba
  • Period: to

    Spanish - American War

  • Platt Amendment

    Requires that cuba:
    1. never sign a treaty with a foreign power that impairs its independence
    2. never build up excessive public debt
    3. permit the US to intervene in Cuban affiards to preserve its independence and maintain law and order
    4. allow US to maintain naval bases in Cuba, including Guantanamo Bay
  • Hay-Puancefote Treaty

    British agrees to cancel 1850 treaty stating that any canal in Central America was to be under joint british-US control
  • Period: to

    Boxer Rebellion

    Chinese nationalists attack foreigners (xenophobia) US and other counties march into Beijing to crush the rebellion Weakens Chinese imperial regime
  • Period: to

    Theodore Roosevelt's Presidency

  • Period: to

    Panama Canal Construction

  • Period: to

    Russo-Japanese War

  • Period: to

    Great White Fleet

    fleet sails around the world to demonstrate US naval power
  • Gentleman's Agreement

    Japanese gov't secretly agrees to restrict emigration of Japanese workers to the US
  • Root-Takahira Agreement

    Pledges mutual respect for each nations (US and Japan) Pacific possestions and supports Open Door Policy in China
  • Period: to

    William Howard Taft's Presidency

  • Lodge Corollary

    Resolution to Monroe Doctrine.
    non-European powers excluded from owning territory in the western hemiphere
  • Period: to

    Marines stationed in Nicaragua

    protect American investments during Nicaruaguan civil war
  • Period: to

    Woodrow Wilson's Presidency

  • Tampico Incident

    US seaman arrested then released in Tampica
    Mexican dictator Huerta refuses to apologize
    Wilson orders navy to occupy Vera Cruz.
    South America's ABC powers (argentica, brazil, chile) mediate to avoid war
  • Lusitania Crisis

    Ship torpedoed and sunk by a German sub 128 american passengers drowned challenges American neutrality
  • Archduke Francis Ferdinand Shot

    shot by Serbian terrorist (the black hand)
  • Austrian gov't issues an ultimatum

    Austria threatens war against Serbia and invades country 4 days later
  • Germany declares war on russia

    Russia is allied w/ Serbia
  • Germany declares war on France

    France is allied w/ russia Germany invades Belgium, a neutral nation
  • GB declares war on Germany

    GB is allied with France
  • Jones Act

    Grants full terrirotial status to Philippines
    Bill of Rights and universal male suffrage to filipinos
    promises Philippines independence as soon as stable gov't is established
  • Sussex sunk

    Germany sinks an unarmed merchant ship after promising to refrain from sinking unarmed passenger ships w/o warning
  • Puerto Ricp

    US citizenship granted to Puerto Rican residents and provided limited self gov't
  • Zimmerman Telegram

    Germany asks mexico to declare war on US, intercepted by british
  • US declares war on germany

  • Period: to

    US involvement in WWI

  • Selective Service Act

  • Espionage and Sedition Acts

    espionage - 1917
    sedition - 1918 imprisonment for those who try to incite rebellion or obstruct the draft
    prohibit anyone from making disloyal remarks about gov't
  • Wilson's 14 points

  • Chateau-Thierry

    Americans stop last German offensive
  • Germans sign armistice

    end of wwi
  • Schneck v. US

    right to free speech can be limited when it presented a "clear and present" danger to public safety
  • Treaty of Versailles