Foreign Policies in the US

  • Richard Nixon in Office

    Richard Nixon in Office
    Lost his first debate against JFK. Also first televised debate. He set up the Enviormental Protection Agency after incident at Three Mile Island.
  • Nixon and Vietnom

    Nixon and Vietnom
    Nixon ordered the bombing of cambodia without congressoinal approvial. This led to the congress repealing The Gulf of Tonkin.
  • Nixon in the Cold War

    Nixon in the Cold War
    Russia wanted to negotiate out of fear of the US and China alliance. The Soviet Untion signed the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty. It stopped the deployment of balistic missiles. However it did not end the arms race, but it was a step towards it.
  • The Watergate Scandal

    The Watergate Scandal
    There was a break-in at the Democratic Party Headquarters. Nixon helped cover up the break-in. Nixon denied any wrongdoing. He refused to give up the tapes within the oval office until the Nixon v Supreme Court case forced him to. Showed that even the president couldnt be trusted.
  • Ford Becomes President

    Ford Becomes President
    He tried to improve the economy but he failed. He pardoned Nixon for any crimes he comitted in office. He promised to carry on Nixons foreign policies.
  • Ford's Foreign Policies

    Ford's Foreign Policies
    The US and SU endorse the Helsinki Accords to try and imporve relations between Communist countries and Non-Communist countries in Europe.
  • Carter Becomes Presidents

    Carter Becomes Presidents
    Was elected because he had no connections to Nixon or Watergate. Was a common peanut farmer.
  • Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty

    Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty
    President Ford helped negotiate a peace treaty to end a 30 year war.
  • SALT II Treaty

    SALT II Treaty
    A pledge to limit nuclear arms produced. Later the soviets invaded Afghanistan to set up a communist government.