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  • WWWI experiences- soldiers

    World War I begans and soldiers had many problems such as trench foot which was an awful feet disease and in axtreme cases, it had to be amputated. There also was rats, bombing and loosing body parts!
  • WWI experiences - women

    Women in World War I had several jobs such as making weapons, nursing. They also were chimney sweeps and truck drivers, these jobs make women important at war times.
  • Treaty of Versallies

    Germany had to acept the blame for starting the war, payed $10 billion of dollars for paying for reparations and damages done during the war. Germany's colonies were given to France and Britians.
  • America 1920's

    This was the early salute of the Piedge of Allegiance, promoted by National Socialists in USA 3 decates before it was addopted by the National Socialists German Workers Party. The economy was very good in this decate.
  • Hyperinflation

    Germany couldn't afford payments, France sends in troops. Germany workers go on strike, NO production.
  • The Great Depression

    People were evicted from home. Many people become very poor. People began killing each other. Lack of jobs, food and money. People lived in very poor places, wherever they can found and stay.
  • Wall Street Cash

    After WWI a series of events happened that cause an economic boom. The value of shares of USA stock marked raised rapidly, in October 24 (Black Thursday) were 12,894,640 shares sold, after that banck rupsy took place.
  • Propaganda

  • Death Camps

    Death Camps were terrible for Jews people. First, they were taken by a train aprox. for 3 days. It was awful being on trais, there was no space for people to sit down and bathrooms either! Many people died during the trip to concentration/deat camps; if not, they were killed and burned.
  • Pearl Harbour

    This was an attack on the American naval base by japanese on december, within 2 hours, 5 battleships had been sunk, another 16 damaged and 189 aircraft destoyed.The attacks killed over 2,400 americans, with another 1,117 injuirned.
  • Atomic Bombs

    The US used a massive atomic weapon against Hiroshima, Japan. The atomic bomb, equivalent to 20,000 tons of TNT which kills tens of thousends of civilians. Japan was vearly recovering and 3 days later, US attacked once more, this time in Nagasaki, Japan.
  • Jewish Ghettos

    Jeewish Ghettos had many bad things, they lived and died very poorly. They lived overcrowded in povertry and spontaunlesly, they moved very often from one place to another. In this places death was very common, more than other things, they could die for many things, such as hunger, disease, shot, burned, beaten bye any reason, etc... They lived so scared.