first kiss

  • Frist Kiss

    LIyana got her first kiss in her home town and she was so excited. then she found out that day that she is moving to jewsilem. She was not happy.
  • The Estate Sale

    Liyana is cleaning and sale her old stuff. She had to do this because she can not take everything to jewesilem.
  • Meeting There Famliy

    Liyana and her family are now in jewisilm and are meeting her relitives.
  • Liyana New Home

    Liyana and here famliy are renting an apartment half way betweenjewusilem and ramallah.
  • New School

    Liyana got to go to a school that speaks american. But she is mad because she can not wear jewlrey.
  • Friends

    Liyana and her brother are talking about friends and they got friends when they moved but a took a will to get friends.
  • 29th Day of School

    Liyana likes to celeabrat her 29 day of school. She had a bad 29th day because she was 50 minutes late to class and saw some one be buried.
  • Donkey

    Liyana was really sick for several days. During one of those days she saw a donkey out side her window. She ran to see it and gave it water she gave it a water it took a breath and died.