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Finding Nemo

  • Under The Sea

    Under The Sea
    Two Fish, Coral, the mom and Marlin, the dad, have many fish eggs. They have just moved to a new safe area and are excited for the eggs to hatch and have a big family.  
  • Attack under the Sea

    Attack under the Sea
    A giant barracuda attacks the home and ends up eating Coral, the mom, and all the fish eggs.
  • Six Years Later

    Six Years Later
    Nemo is the only surviving egg from the Barracuda attack.  He is six years old and curious about the world outside 'the house'.  Marlin, being very overprotective, finally agrees to send Nemo to school but has lots of rules.
  • Adventurous Spirit

    Adventurous Spirit
    As Nemo goes to school he hears more and more about life's adventures, especially beyond the reef.  His dad is fearful because of his past experiences and forbids Nemo to leave the reef.  Additionally Nemo suffers from a small fin which Marlin believes makes Nemo not as strong as normal fish.
  • Double Dare

    Double Dare
    Nemo leaves the reef with his school friends, against his father's wishes.  Nemo gets more and more frustrated with his father's over protection.  While outside the reef, Nemo's school friends dare Nemo to swim up and touch the bottom of the boat. 
  • Caught by a Human

    Caught by a Human
    While swimming back from the boat, Nemo encounters a scuba diver who captures him in a net.
  • Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo
    Marlin is distraught.   He panics and races after the boat, forgetting his fears in order to find Nemo and get him back.  Marlin gets lost but meets Dori, an angelfish.  Dori agrees to help Marlin find Nemo.
  • Life in a Fish Tank

    Life in a Fish Tank
    The scuba diver takes Nemo to his fish tank, in his Dentist Office. The scuba diver intends to give Nemo as a gift to a small girl who is known for killing every fish she has received.
  • Survivors

    Marlin and Dori journey together in search of Nemo, coming across many obstacles.  They meet Sharks, an Angler Fish, Sea Turtles, Jellyfish, a whale and Pelicans.  Marlin and Dori succeed in surviving these obstacles.  
  • The escape Plan

    The escape Plan
    Meanwhile in the fish tank Nemo's new friends are trying to escape and help Nemo not become the girl's pet fish.  They hatch a plan to plan to clog the filter so the tank must be cleaned.  Nemo is the only fish small enough to fit and do the dangerous task of putting a rock in the fan to stop the cleaning process.  
  • Cleaning the Fish Tank & Nero's escape

    Cleaning the Fish Tank & Nero's escape
    The plans worked and the Dentist has to clean the tank so put each fish in a plastic bag. The girl comes to claim Nemo as her pet but Nemo plays dead resulting in Nemo getting flushed down the toilet. A sea gull helps the other fish get from the Dentist Office to the Harbor.
  • Nemo finds Dori

    Nemo finds Dori
    While in a plastic bag, the girl comes to claim Nemo as her pet but Nemo plays dead. The Dentist flushes Nemo down the toilet and because Nemo was faking being dead, he is free thru the pipes that lead to the harbor. Once in the harbor Nemo finds Dori.
  • Dori and Nemo find Marlin

    Dori and Nemo find Marlin
    Dori and Nemo head in the direction Marlin went. They encounter a school of fish being caught in a net and Nemo saves them all. For a brief moment we think Nemo didn't survive but he did. Marlin is reunited with Nemo and they go back to the reef