Peer Mentoring

  • First Meeting/Interview

    Initial meeting with mentee discussing major deficiencies. Found out the best plan is teaching him how to manipulate Excel for programs and templates.
  • Excel Templates

    Max mentioned in the past he has either copied Excel tables or simply made tables in Word. I suggested he play around with some of the templates I have and work with them to his liking.
  • Philosophy Discussion

    As we trained today, I shared some of the coaching philosophies I've heard and ones I hold true. Leadership is remarkably important and something we are both interested in improving.
  • Share Google doc templates

    Training LogShowed Max a website called Under topics, the second clickable tab is spreadsheets. He seemed to like this and I showed him a daily log for his own personal use.
  • Playing with Technology

    Since I do not have a smart phone and Max does, I'm unable to use some of the cool apps for tracking movement. I found a free app called Kinovea and we played around with it. This was more of a "field trip" and serves mainly as a day to show Max different ways to enhance his training and for his athletes.
  • Sharing Templates

    Max brought his USB and I shared my templates and let him know that in the coming weeks he will be making his own unique templates for Football, Baseball and Basketball.
  • Learning with Excel

    Together, we learned how to manipulate Excel templates to our liking. From modifying cells just the right amount, to changing the layout of the paper, to fitting everything on one page with the print area and printing double sided provided us with hiccups and triumphs.
  • 2-day Template

    Max worked on starting the 2-day template. The goal is to get this down and move towards a 4-day template.
  • Kinovea and 2-day Template

    Max used Kinovea (movement analysis) again today and had some improvment with it. He seems to enjoy using this app. He also is close to being down with Baseball's 2-day template.
  • Finished 2-day template

    I've attached the template Max finished to the dropbox. It turned out great and he even put 2 weeks on one page so printing it double sided, I can now have 4 weeks on one piece of paper.
  • Continued work on 3 and 4 day templates

    Max is set to finish the 3 and 4 day templates for Football and Basketball respectively. He has come a long way since the beginning.
  • Final Templates

    Max's finished templates for Football and Basketball have turned out great and they are being put into the dropbox with my exercises put into the template. Not only did he do a great job but these are templates I can use and expand upon in the future.