filmography and other facts about Christopher Reeve

By ger999
  • Christopher Reeve born

    Christopher  Reeve born
    Christopher d'olier Reeve was born in New York City, the son of Barbara Pitney and Franklin Reeve
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    early life

  • his graduation of school

    his graduation of school
    Christopher finished his secundary studies in Princeton day school. in this moment chirstopher saw the actuation for his professional life
  • Gray Lady Down

    Gray Lady Down
    It was his first movie,and talk about a ship that fight with the sea and was hurted by the sea. christopher acted how philips
  • Superman

    He found the protagonic role of superman, a film based in a comic strip superman. he was clark kent, a superhero that have more force and other ficticious features.
  • Period: to

    filmography history

  • Superman II

    Superman II
    Again, he acted in this saga of films, but in this part of superman he discover his debility in the film ( the kriptonita). for the technologic of this moment this film is bestter than the first,and give more fame
  • Monsignor

    with his fame, Cheistopher have the protagonic role of father John flaherly. this film talk about the roman catholic priest, and the demonic problems. this is a dramma film
  • Superman III

    Superman III
    In this film, he acted for superman and evil superman, a new idea that make mistakes about the film, and for this the movia have a enormus victory in the cinemas aroud the world
  • The Bostonians

    The Bostonians
    This film talk about the arthouses around USA, and crhistopher in this film have the role of Basil ransom. for the name of the film, all actors make personalities of boston.
  • The aviator

    The aviator
    in this film he acted for the protagonic role edgar anscombe, and pilot of US air mail service. In the movie, he travel around USA and too, learn to pilot an airplane for this movie
  • Superman IV : the quest for peace

    Superman IV : the quest for peace
    for fourth time, he had the protagonic role in this movie, that talk about a double of superman, nuclear man, that is the antagonic of this film. of course, superman win and the movie was victorious
  • Switching Channels

    Switching Channels
    he acted the role of Blaine Bingham ,and the movia talk about the experience of the TV periodism in USA. it is a comic film.
  • Noises Off

    Noises Off
    he acted in the protagonic role Frederick Dallas (and Phillip Brent) and this movie is a funny movie
  • speechless

    in this movie chirstopher acted in a secundary role . but this film is very important for him because it is a plot that count his secundary life in the school
  • Village of the damned

    Village of the damned
    In this movie he acted a protagonic role , but it is the most important movie ( not included superman) because it is the ultimate movie for him before the accident
  • An terrible accident

    An terrible accident
    in this day, christopher was ridding a horse but in a competition in virginia he falls and the horse hurt him. 7 hours later, the medics of an hospital in virginia says that for this moment, christopher was a qadriplegic man
  • Period: to

    an quadriplegic life

  • without Pity; a film about abilities

    without Pity; a film about abilities
    it is a documental of HBO, talk about discapacities in the children. it is narrated by christopher for his fame and too, for his quadriplegic accident
  • Christopher 's dead

    Christopher 's dead
    this famous actor dead to 52 years old, for his dead have a enormus funeral, with his suit of superman films and his whelshair, this actor make films, books and sometimes policy. in the real life he was a superman...
  • Superman II re-edition

    Superman II re-edition
    in this movie, crhistopher give his images of superman II to create a new movie that complements the fist movie
  • Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion

    	Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion
    is an autobiography narrated by him, but the importance for the society of it is that talk about the ventages for the discapacity and the form to afront this hard situation