• Period: to

    Pioneer Age

    From slideshow to art form
  • Period: to

    Silent Age

    the emergence of Hollywood, WW1 and exodus from Europe
  • The Birth of a Nation

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

  • Period: to

    The Transition Age

    From silent to sound
  • Period: to

    The Hollywood Studio Age

    Domination by the studio, genre movie
  • Modern Times

  • Citizen Kane

  • Period: to

    The Internatinal Age

    Hollywood studio decline. the challenge of TV
  • 12 Angry Men

  • Period: to

    The New Wave Age

    from france to the world technological innovation, smallscale productions, strong political value to film
  • Psycho

  • MASH

  • Period: to

    The Mass Media Age

    Film and movies as part of the global entertainment communications media digital production
  • E.T

  • Schindler's List

  • Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

  • Toy Story 3