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Film Timeline

  • 1920’s film history

    1920’s film history
    At this point movies or films were just coming around and person that kind of introduced comedy was Charlie Chaplin. Most film directors would lean to the more serious types; while Chaplin would stand out with the comedy. That’s why i think most people love funny films.
  • 1930’s Film

    1930’s Film
    When I looked films in this decade I saw that they made tons of action movies. Even though this isn’t one how we have it now it still a big stepping stone for the 30s.
  • 1940s Film

    1940s Film
    At this point movies were revolving around romance. I think that is what most interested people of this time. I would have to stick to more action and humorous movies.
  • 1950s Film

    1950s Film
    At this point; this movie was one of the biggest to ever come out at this time. Cinderella, this was the biggest because it didn’t just have music, no it had color, animals, magic, and it was a Cartoon.
  • 1960s Film

    1960s Film
    This movie was very good I was lucky to see this. Anyway; Bonnie and Clyde was a mixture of romance and action. At the time I feel like it took a different turn from most movies of the 60s.
  • 1970s Film

    1970s Film
    I found that there’s been a lot of scary movies. And I think that’s what they were going for at the time. Even though horror movies are popular; I’d say they were really getting kicked off in the 70s.
  • 1980s Film

    1980s Film
    This is one reason why I love OCTOBER ( other than it being my birthday month)!! I’m in love with the Halloween movies and this is one of my favorites. It’s a mix of comedy and scary, but it’s not really scary at all. Even though I’ve seen the movie before; I’m still forward to seeing it again.
  • 1990s Film

    1990s Film
    This movie to meet is a classic. When I first saw this movie I thought that the boat was actually sinking and they all died. This was a very popular movie and I don’t think at the time most people would even think about making a movie like this. The fact that they got everything to the last detail makes it a good movie.
  • Early 2000s

    Early 2000s
    This movie was very popular with in the early 2000s and it was my favorite movie ever at one point. When I first saw it I was amazed at how all of it looked so real. This was a real Sci-FYI movie and I feel that people who did see this movie were amazed by all the CGI that went into the movie.
  • 2010s Film

    2010s Film
    This is the modernized version of Godzilla. This movie had so much animated and it felt like I was in the movie experiencing everything the people felt. The movie is very good and affects are amazing in this movie.