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Film History timeline

  • First Film made

    First Film made
    The first film was made in 1888 in french. The film is called Roundhay Garden Scene. It was a 1.66 or 2-second film that didn't have audio at the time. It was marked as the beginning of filmmaking.
  • US first film in the country

    US first film in the country
    After France made its film the U.S. made its film. It is called "Reproduction Of The Corbett And Fitzsimmons Fight". It was filmed in Carson City, Nevada. It was also the longest film at the time in the 1800s.
  • First full-length film

    First full-length film
    The first full-length film was filmed in Australian Western style. It was also the first film to still have it remain of the tape together to this day. It is also the third film and the first film in the 1900s. It also if film today rated R.
  • Two cameras shot

    Two cameras shot
    The Defense Of Sevastopol was the first film to be shot with two cameras. It was also the first film to record its historical event. It also was a film during the Crimean. It also uses sound effects.
  • First comedy film

    First comedy film
    "Tillie's Punctured Romance" was the first silent film to have a comedy of its time. It was made the funniest film of the time by its audiences and Charlie Chaplin (the star of the film) funniest act. It also had a three-stars in the film. It was also a stage play that was called Tillie's nightmare.
  • The first part movie

    The first part movie
    "Les Vampires" was the first 10 part movie to be released. It is also the first long film that lasts for 7 hours of time. It is also the oldest yet positive film that can be shown in today's film like back to the future. It was also compared to James Bond films.
  • First color film

    First color film
    "The Gulf Between" was the first color film to be made in technicolor. It was still silent at that time but still, surprise people about the color. It was the first comedy-drama film in color. It was also shot on the motion picture.
  • The first Audio

    The first Audio
    The Jazz Singer was the first audio color film in American. It was the first longest film in audio in its time. It was a musical/drama film. Some of it audience said that it was a scary film for it to be musical. It also was a racist film showing that black people only do jazz.
  • The anime film

    The anime film
    The first anime film was Astro Boy and turn into a show. It was also the first film to get shown across the country. It was also the most popular tv show. It also got refilm in 2009.
  • First to introduced color

    First to introduced color
    The Wizard of Oz was popular that got remade 4 times. It was shot off-color and on-color. It also uses audio in it film. The film was a horror festive on the behind the scene. It had it dark side and was banned for negativism.
  • Greatest film in 1950s

    Greatest film in 1950s
    Bridge on the river Kwai was the greatest film in 1950s.
  • IMAX projector

    IMAX projector
    IMAX had it first projetor that an 18 x 24m. Its first film was to get shown in IMAX was "Tiger Child". The Tiger Child film was shown in Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan as well. It was also the biggest projector in the world compared to other Movie companies in 1960s.