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  • splat! nickelodeon!

    splat! nickelodeon!
    the first nickelodeon opens in pittsburgh, PA. these theaters got their names from their 5-cent admission charge, and they typically showed short, silent films. it was created by harry davis and it was a phenomenon. over 26 million people would tune in a week and it turned out to be the nickelodeon that we know and love.
  • ending credits

    ending credits
    credits started rolling in movies to credit the directors and creators. credits are an extension of the film's art form. just as the opening of a film sets the emotional mood and the tone of the film, so the credits complete that movie watching experience.
  • a whole new world

    a whole new world
    the first commercially 3D film was released called 'The Power of Love'. it used anaglyph glasses with opposite colored lenses creating the 3D effect. it pioneered three dimensional pictures, which would soon become a global phenomenon.
  • drive and chill

    drive and chill
    in 1933, eager motorists park their automobiles on the grounds of park-in theaters, the first-ever drive-in movie theater, located on crescent boulevard in camden, new jersey. drive-in theaters soon after became a popular event. it is also a popular first date spot for many.
  • laws are laws

    laws are laws
    antitrust laws force hollywood studios to de-couple from the movie theaters. that means that all films can be shown in any theater. this also leads to some of the movie theater brands that we know and love today, such as cinemark and studio movie grill.
  • technological advancements

    technological advancements
    first movie theater debuts stereophonic sound alongside a giant screen. this helped the viewers enjoy their movie experience a lot more. this is the true beginning of the modern movie theater era.
  • the new wave

    the new wave
    french new wave films burst on the film scene experimenting with new techniques and style. following suit, a lot of other movies would copy the style. movies included : the fire within, the soft skin, and shoot the piano player.
  • this is your tape

    this is your tape
    the first VHS recorder was released to the public in japan by
    JVC. it let movie watchers watch their movies in the own comfort of their own home. soon, VHS became widely popular around the world.
  • a new era

    a new era
    the beginning of new blockbusting movies started to emerge. such movies included: the black widow in 1986, star trek III in 1980, and dangerous affections in 1987. all of those movies and more would make a big impact within cinema.
  • digital projectors

    digital projectors
    first digital projectors were unveiled to the public. no longer were huge reels of film needed to show a movie at the theaters. more people were starting to watch from home.
  • disney buys pixar

    disney buys pixar
    the walt disney co. pays $7.4 billion for pixar animation studios. this will soon spark many fan favorite films and animations. movies such as : monsters inc., the incredibles, etc.
  • the rest is history

    the rest is history
    james cameron’s 3D film avatar became the highest-grossing film of all time. soon after, many advancements in film production taken place. the hobbit was filmed in 48 frames per second. film history has come a long way and it is only up from here.