Film History Timeline

  • First (film) Motion picture ever made

    This was the first motion picture ever made of a horse galloping. This was made by Eadweard J. Muybridge. This film was at least five seconds long and was only made because of a bet.
  • Roundhay Garden scene

    This film was created by French inventor Louis Le Prince. This was filmed at Oakwood Grange in north England. It was known to be the oldest surviving film in existence.
  • The Vitagraph

    The Vitagraph is a film production company that was founded in 1898. The founders were J. Stuart Blackton, and Albert E. Smith. The company is located in Brooklyn, New York. It was also known to be a motion picture studio.
  • Motion Picture Patents Company

    Edison joined forces with a company and set up the motion picture patents in an attempt to legally monopolize production in the burgeoning American film industry.
  • Silent Film(flu pandemic of 1918)

    There was a deadly pandemic flu going around at this time of year and they actually managed to catch most of it on film for future references. This pandemic went on for a year and killed many people.
  • First film with sound

    This film "The Jazz Singer" was the first ever movie with sound in 1928. It's name was mostly known as "talkies" and was somewhat on the end of the silent film era.
  • The Wizard Of Oz

    On December 23rd of 1938 the actress Margaret Hamilton was severely burned during a mishap of the play. Hamilton was playing the role The Wicked Witch of the West.
  • The first British film to win an award.

    This film was known for becoming the first British film to win the American Academy Award for best picture.
  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping beauty was a film that was made in 1958 and became very popular for years, and still popular now.
  • Love story

    was the movie of the year in 1970
  • Grease Summer Opening

    this movie premiered in 1978 in movie theaters all around.
  • Golden Bear

    was a play that aired in 1988 in the Berlin International Film Festival.