Film History

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  • 1900s The Enchanted Drawing

    The earliest surviving prototype of stop-motion animation.
  • 1910s' Color

    In 1917 the first TeniColor Movie was the Gulf between.
  • 1920s 3D

    The first 3D Film The Power of Love came out.
  • 1930s Dub

    Dub was introduced as the movie industry started dubbing dialogue films exported to foreign markets.
  • 1940s Assembly

    The first agents started to assemble creative talent and stories in exchange for a percentage of the films profit
  • 1950s CineScopes

    Wide screen films were introduced to counteract free television's gains by increasing the color.
  • 1960s Ratings

    They added ratings to movies and the rating board
  • 1970s IMAX

    The first permanent IMAX was created,"Cinesphere", in Toronto.
  • 1990s Toy Story

    In 1995 Toy story was the first computer animated 3D Film
  • 2010s On-Demand

    People were switching from dvds to on demand.
  • 2020s Corona virus