Film History

  • The Very Beginning

    The Very Beginning
    In 1816 the very first camera was successfully built. Though it was successfully built it wasn't practical for use. Invented by Nicéphore Niépce.
  • The Kodak

    The Kodak
    In 1888 the Kodak was invented which allowed photographers to take photos more constantly. Kodak used 'roll film' which changed the photography world forever.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    In the 1890's Thomas Edison made the Peephole Kinetoscope and made quite the sum of money by selling them to parlors. Turns out he had made a projector but he decided to keep it for himself.
  • The First Public Projector Showing

    The First Public Projector Showing
    In 1895 the Lumiere Brothers had invented and shown projected films to an audience in a cafe. Though these films were very short it amazed a ton of people.
  • Horse bet

    Edward luisbridge bet his friends that a horse lifts all its legs in a single moment. created the motion picture
  • The Nickelodeons

    The Nickelodeons
    The Nickelodeons were todays theaters. Were very popular in the years 1905-1915 because of concept of viewing film in person. Had musicians make the sound effects in front of the stage.
  • 1920's

    In the 1920's movies with sound were invented and were called talkies. It was a huge success in the film industry.
  • 1930

    In 1930 color was used in long films (movies).Cupid Angling was the first film with color and was made in 1918.(short film)