Film History

  • The Thaumatrope

    The Thaumatrope
    The thaumatrope was created by an astronomer in 1824, but it was made by an English physicist. It was basically a piece of paper with designs on the front and back of it with two strings tied on each side of it. When it was turned, the designs blend into one and makes it look like it's moving.
  • The Phenakistoscope

    The Phenakistoscope
    The Phenakistoscope was a toy in the form of a giant magnifying glass. It had a disc with pictures on the edge that made it look like it was moving through the slots at its reflection in the mirror.
  • The Praxinoscope

    The Praxinoscope
    This was a toy where pictures were attatched to the edges of the drum so when the drum was spun, the pictures looked like they were moving. It quickly replaced other toys because it was designed to prevent distortion.
  • Hollywood

    Hollywood was introduced in the early 1900s and annexed by Los Angeles. It was very popular while World War 1 was going on from the 1910s to the 1960s.
  • The Great Transitions (Talkies)

    The Great Transitions (Talkies)
    In the late 1920s, the silent film industry reached its peak. Not only would people be able to just watch but they would now be able to hear it too.
  • Technicolor

    Before technicolor was introduced, color was added to the film by painting the photographs. Films shot in technicolor used a three-strip camera that captured the scene in cyan, magenta, and yellow, then put these colors together.
  • McCarthyism

    Hollywood was threatened by McCarthyism, with its accusations of communism.The Hollywood Ten refused to divulge any communist leanings and were imprisoned for contempt of court.
  • First 3-D Film

    First 3-D Film
    The first 3-D film relied on stereoscopic technology. Earlier attempts had been made, but the 1950s saw the popularity 3-D and is when it really boosted. They didn't have the technology needed earlier so it wasn't real popular.
  • Home Entertainment

    Home Entertainment
    In 2003, for the first time, home entertainment revenues exceeded the box office. The DVD took over the video cassette as well. It was now the new thing instead of going to the movies you could just watch it at home with family for cheaper.