Ferro - supranationalism and devolution

By cjf96
  • US/Great Britain-military/political

    US/Great Britain-military/political
    The United States used to be controlled by Great Britain. Great Britain created the original 13 colonies which became the US.The US didn't like Great Britain ruling over them and forcing to do things. So they revolted and started the Revolutionary War. In the end Great Britain was losing the battle and large amounts of men and money. So they let us have are independence which created the USA.
  • South Africa-military/political

    The British Empire used to own South Africa in the very late 1800's. They kept control of the governmnet which meant they could control all the laws and the people. They enforced segregation and there seemed to be nothing they could do. Then the rest of the world saw what they were doing and they realized that would make them look bad. So they relinquished control of South Africa and it became its own country,
  • Period: to

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  • Allies

    They were a gruoup of countries that were Great Britain, Russia, Japan, and Italy. They were created for military/political reasons. They fought against the central powers in WWI and the Axis powers in WWII
  • Soviet Union-economic

    Soviet Union-economic
    The Soviet Union had a communist economy so it was hard for many people to make money. This lead to extreme amounts of poverty and the collapse of the Soviet Union. The collapse created Russia which now is working its way to a better economy after the disaster of the last one.
  • Palestine/Israel-cultural

    This disagreement was between the jews who migrated to Palestine after WWII and the native Palestinians. The jews said they were promised the land and they were given the land. Although fighting to get the land and to keep is and has happend between the two people.
  • NATO

    This is a group of three countries which are the United States, Canada, and France. They made this group for politcal/military reasons. Mainly as a defense against the Soviet Union which none of these countries trusted.
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    It was a group of countries including the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Poland that were together for military reasons. They were meant to keep NATO from attacking allies of the countries that were in the pact.
  • Nigeria/Sudan-Cultural

    These two countries both have the same conflict inside themselves. They both have Muslim and Christian fights which splits the countries into north and south. This even created the country South Sudan.
  • PLO

    The United Nations and Israel made an agreement for there culture to push for a palestine state since palestine is now Israel because the jewish got it from the native Palestinians and are willing to allow the creation of the state.
  • EU

    This is 27 countries in Europe that include Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. They created a common currency and removed tariffs on trade in Europe so they can increase the money they make and the value of there dollar.