Feminism in art and culture

  • Frankenstein (Mary shelley)

    Frankenstein (Mary shelley)
    Mary Shelley was a feminist before the word and movement even existed. Frankenstein is a staple in American culture and literature and surprisingly many people don't know it was written by a woman. She set the tone for modern day horror literature inspiring writers like Stephen King.
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    Feminism In Art And Culture

  • Augusta Savage

    Augusta Savage
    Woman of Rebirth sculpture
  • Frida Kahlo

    Frida Kahlo
    The two Frida's painting
  • Ethel Léontine Gabain

    Ethel Léontine Gabain
    A Child Bomb Victim Receiving Penicillin Treatment
  • Lesley Gore

    Lesley Gore
    You Don't Own Me
  • Aretha Franklin

    Aretha Franklin
    Respect 1967
  • Daisies (film)

    Daisies (film)
    A film by Věra Chytilová
  • Black Panther Movement

    Black Panther Movement
  • No More Masks! (poetry/book)

  • Stepford Wives (film)

    Stepford Wives (film)
  • Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)

    Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)
  • Aint I A Woman: Black Women In Feminism (book)

    A book written by bell hooks.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cindy Lauper)

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cindy Lauper)
  • Like A Virgin (Madonna)

    Like A Virgin (Madonna)
  • Riot Grrrl Magazine

    Riot Grrrl Magazine
  • Man Alone

    Man Alone
  • Girl Culture by Lauren Greenfield

    Girl Culture by Lauren Greenfield
  • Marie Antoinette (film)

    Marie Antoinette (film)
  • like a boy by ciara (2006)

  • Who run the world? (Beyonce 2011)