Fashion in the 1920s

  • The begining of 1920s fashion

    This is when Coco Chanel first started bussneis in France. She started designing hats for her friend then it expanded. Over time, she started designing dresses, and skirts from mens cloths. ( They did not give me an exact date)
  • Chanel's first hat store

    Chanel's opened her first ever hat store, by the help of her lover, Boy Chapel. He helped open the store, by giving her the money she needed. The store was on rue Cambon in Paris.
  • Coco Chanel's sportwear.

    At this time Chanel improved and improved. And once again she opens another store, except this time its not hats but sportwear for women. This time Boy Chapel did not pay the whole price, but helped her opening the store.
  • Chanel and the War

    At this time Coco Chanel thought that since women are working, they need more cloth that are eligible for work. She designed simple light cloths using men's designs.
  • Chanel gets some more money

    During the war Chanel opened a third store but this time in France. She used her brain and did some thinking, came up with an idea of gaining more money by making her dresses more expensive since thet were made from fabric and trimmings, since they were never found there due to the war. Smart move.
  • Chanel totally independed

    Chanel by this time became totally independent and payed back her loan to Boy Chapel. 300 staff in her stores. Now she started designing jerseys and underwears.
  • Boy Chapel leaves Chanel

    At this time Boy Chapel was tired of waiting for Chanel to marry him. He went on and married the daughter of an English pioneer.
    After that Chanel started to design drop-waist ‘sack’ dresses. Lots of young ladies started to copy her look.
  • Chanel No.5

    At the age of 38 she launched her first ever perfume. Chanel No.5.
  • New boutique for accessories

    Coco started a new boutique for her accessories and Chanel No.5. Thats when all ladies found jeweleries fashionable.
  • Elsa Schiaperelli

    Elsa Schiaperelli, an Italian designer crashes and makes Chanel's designes seem frumpy. Also at that time she released a new collection (not mensioned what was the collection).
  • Hollywood

    Now she started to design cloths and accessories for ollywood movies. The contract made her 1 million dollars.

    Chanel was facing some trouble in France. She faced a strike ans fired 100 workers, then she figured out that she needed them so she hired all of them back.
  • Chanel closes

    After WW1 Chanel thought to her self that that was not a time for fashion and decided to take a 15 years break. SHe closed all he Chanel shops and stores. During that time she started a relationship with a German officer, Gunther von Dincklage.
  • Hit 70

    Coco Chanel aged 70. She presenterd a new collection. That was her first ever collection in 15 years.
  • Chanels death

    Chanel dies at the age of 87.
  • Coco Chanel's work

    Karl Lagerfeld took over her work and continued designing Chanel's products and selling them.