Famous Mathematicians

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    BC. Archimedes

    BC.  Archimedes
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    BC. Pythagorus of Samos

    BC.   Pythagorus of Samos
    Developed they pythagorean theorem.
    A^2 + B^2 = C^2
  • Oct 14, 1208

    Leonardo `Fibonacci'

    Leonardo `Fibonacci'
    He introduced the decimal system and the Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13...).
  • René Descartes

    René Descartes
    Descartes established the Cartesian plane.
  • Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal
    He invented one of hte first mechanical calculators. He developed Pascal's triangle.
  • Pierre de Fermat

    Pierre de  Fermat
    He found that every prime number must satisfy, namely 2^(2n) + I = a prime.
  • Leonhard Euler

    Leonhard  Euler
    Four of the most important constant symbols in mathematics (π, e, i = √-1, and γ = 0.57721566...) were all introduced or popularized by Euler.
  • Adrien-Marie Legendre

    Adrien-Marie Legendre
    He determined of the law of quadratic reciprocity.
  • Sir Issac Newton

    Sir Issac Newton
  • Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss

    Johann Carl Friedrich  Gauss