Famous Civil war battles

  • Battle of Fort Sumter

    Battle of Fort Sumter
    Confederates attack was the beggining of the war
  • Battle of Pittsburg

    Battle of Pittsburg
    Battle of Pittsburg also known as the battle of Shiloh was won by the Union
  • battle of Antietam

    battle of Antietam
    Union forces succesfully stop Confederate from moving foward and forced them back across the Potomac and into Virginia
  • Battle of Fredericks burg

    Battle of Fredericks burg
    generals Lee, Jackson, and Longstreet led the Confederates to victory
  • Battle of Gettsyburg

    Battle of Gettsyburg
    Confederates attack the Union battle lasts for 3 days, Union victory.
  • Battle of Chacellorsville

    Battle of Chacellorsville
    Generals Lee and Jackson attacked different sections of the Union to overcome them.
  • Battle of vicksburg

    Battle of vicksburg
    This battle lasted for 48 days and it ended when the starving Confederates fianlly surrendered