Family History

  • Francis Earl Brennan

    Great-grandfather (maternal) born in Nevada Mills, Indiana His parents (my great-great grandparents): Catherine Kreuder & Edward Brennan Father of Catherine Kreuder: Conrad Kreuder BORN IN HESSE, GERMANY Parents of Edward Brennan (my great-great-great grandparents): Eileen Noonan & Andrew Brennan BORN IN IRELAND
  • Samuel Harvey Riggleman

    Great-grandfather's birth (maternal) in New Albany, IN His parents (my great-great grandparents): Mary Susan Sites & Harvey Riggleman
  • Hazel Elsie Johnson

    Great-grandmother's birth (maternal) in Van Wert, Ohio Her parents (great-great grandparents): Florence Elnora VanVickle & Herschel Johnson
  • Emerson Martin

    Father of Patricia Ann Martin (my great-grandfather), born in Milford, Indiana
  • Margaret Burns

    Mother of Patricia Ann Martin (my great-grandmother) born in South Bend, Indiana Margaret Burns' parents (my great-great grandparents): Margaret O'Donnell & George Burns
  • Eva Marie Magdalene Babcock

    Great-grandmother's birth (maternal) born in Pierceton, Indiana Her parents (my great-great grandparents): Pearl Thomas & Robert Babcock
  • Francis Brennan attends Pharmacy School

  • Richard Leon See

    Grandfather's birth (paternal) born in Frankfort, Indiana His parents (my great-great grandparents): Leora Irene Whiteman & Leon See
  • Francis and Eva Brennan are Married

  • Patricia Ann Martin

    Grandmother's birth (paternal) born in Elkhart, Indiana
  • Robert Edward Brennan

    Grandfather's birth in Warsaw, Indiana Only child
  • (Elnora) Susan Brennan

    Grandmother's birth in Piqua, Ohio Siblings: Paul, Helen, and Leora
  • Eva Babcock & Vere Kelley are Married

    Eva Babcock leaves Francis Brennan. Marries Vere Kelley in Reno.
  • Martin Richard See

    Father's birth in Frankfort, Indiana Siblings: Michael, James, Margaret, Meribeth, John
  • Patricia Brennan See

    Mother's birth in Warsaw, Indiana
  • Francis Brennan and Dorothy Kellog are Married

    Francis Brennan remarries, Dorothy Kellog (day of my mother's birth)
  • Death of Hazel Riggleman

    61 years old
  • Death of Emerson Martin

    72 years old
  • Death of Francis Brennan

    86 years old
  • Death of Francis Earl Brennan

    Dies in 1979 (Age 86)
  • Kevin Martin See

    My oldest brother, born in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Death of Margaret Burns Martin

    89 years old
  • Death of Eva Babcock Brennan Kelley

    88 years old
  • Death of Samuel Riggleman

    94 years old
  • Timothy Brennan See

    My older brother, born in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Death of Richard See

    67 years old
  • Susannah Patricia (See) Reel

    I was born in New York
  • Death of Robert Brennan

    70 years old
  • Death of (Elnora) Susan Brennan

    Susan Brennan passes away on Sunday, March 17th (St. Patricks day)