Fallon Taylor

  • Fallon Taylor is born!

    Fallon Taylor is born!
    On July 18, 1982 Fallon Taylor was born to Dian and Shelton Taylor. She was born in Whatesboro, Texas. She has two other siblings that are significantly older than her.
  • Fallon gets hooked

    Fallon gets hooked
    At the age of 7 Fallon saw the sport of rodeoing on her television. She loved to watch. She wanted to do it, she was hooked!
  • Fallon gets her first horse

    Fallon gets her first horse
    For her 7th birthday, Fallon's parents took her to a rodeo, after that she was hooked! And then she got her very first horse.
  • Fallon Taylor wins her first rodeo

    Fallon Taylor wins her first rodeo
    Before the age of 9 Fallon had won her first rodeo.
  • Fallon falls

    Fallon falls
    In 2009 Fallon returned to her home state to train a horse. It began to buck and when Fallon fell off she fractured her skull and broke her neck.
  • BabyFlo comes into the picture

    BabyFlo comes into the picture
    After Fallon got injured she didn't want to ride again. It took a horse named BabyFlo (trained by the Taylor family) to start riding again.
  • Fallon tries acting

    Fallon tries acting
    In 2012 Fallon took a break from racing and tried her hand in acting. She first appeared in an episode of Two and a Half Men as Charlie Sheen's girlfriend.
  • AXE commercial by Fallon Taylor!

    AXE commercial by Fallon Taylor!
    At age 31 Fallon appeared in an AXE body commercial.
  • Horse of the Year

    Horse of the Year
    In 2013 the Taylor family walked away with the Horse of the Year award. Fallon then went on to win the 2013 NFR. Which set Fallon and Flo to go in 2014.
  • 2014 Fallons mother gets cancer

    2014 Fallons mother gets cancer
    In 2014 Fallon taylor's mother, Dian Taylor, was diagnosed with cancer. At this point Fallon made up her mind to not only be a barrel racer, but also a body builder to support her mother.
  • Fallon in Minnesota!!

    Fallon in Minnesota!!
    Last year (2015) Fallon came to the Minnesota Equestrian Center for a barrel racing clinic. This is one of the only times that Fallon had been to Minnesota. Haychix put up a contest to win a ticket to the clinic. The best essay would win.
  • NFR 2016

    NFR 2016
    This year Fallon and Flo went to Las Vegas to the 2016 NFR. they placed 3rd and 7th (I think). YAY!!