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Facebook History

  • Facebook breaks 200,000,000 Users

    Facebook Launched out of the Harvard Dorm room in 2004
  • New Friends Page

    Facebook introduces a New Friends Page to make it easier to find and connect with the people you may know.
  • Live Updating Stream

    Facebook rolls our live updating stream - before this - users had to manually refresh their browser to get the most recent updates
  • Friends List now available in chat

    Facebook rolled out the Facebook Chat in 2008 - now you have ability to break up your connections into list. This was very cool idea yet to this day very few people create lists.
  • Immediate Notifications

    Facebook introduced Immediate Notifications - this is one of the great tools that I still use to this day. It is one of my favorite tools.
  • Introducing Subscribe via SMS

    You can now subscribe to your Friends via text message. Anytime they share anything on Facebook you will receive a text message. I don't use this feature
  • Facebook Usernames

    Facebook introduces Usernames - Facebook users are able to create their own vanity url. These proves to be very valuable for businesses. For example - my is Facebook.com/jimmy.mackin
  • Streamlining the Inbox

    Facebook revamps your Inbox - They introduce the ability to search for messages by keyword phrases of friends names. Also, page updates are categorized in the "updates" folder - a folder that people generally don't read. The searching feature wasn't very good...the latest version is much better!
  • Introducing the latest version of Publisher

    Facebook allows their users to specifiy who they share their content with - Everyone, Friends and Networks, Friends of Friends and Friends Only and custom (specific people) . This is a great tool that people can use to control who sees their content. My general rule of thumb - If you don't want the entire world to see it - don't share it on Facebook.
  • Facebook rolls out the Fan Box

    The "Fan Box" later to be renamed the "Like Box" was a plugin that your favorite page could install that would show you there live stream - this was one of the first tools that Facebook introduced that integrated into a website...I think this paved the way for the Like Button, Share Button, and FB Comments
  • Facebook breaks 250,000,000 users

    They add 50 million users in 3 months - not too bad!
  • Share Videos and Photos via Email

    You can now email photos to a designated email account to share them to your Facebook profile. I have never used this feature.
  • Facebook acquires Friendfeed

  • Facebook begins it's World Domination of the web

    Huffington Post is one of the first news sites to integrate Facebook Connect - Arianne Huffington says "The news is simply more interesting and engaging when we experience it with friends. "
  • Facebook allows business pages to publish directly to Twitter

    By going to Facebook.com/twitter - you can now sync together your Facebook Business Page with your Twitter account. Anytime you post an update to your FB Page - it will automatically be tweeted.
  • Mobile breakthrough

    More than 65 Million people are connecting to Facebook through Mobile devices - that is an increase of 45 Million in less than 8 months. Facebook has two mobile sites m.facebook.com and x.facebook.com
  • Tagging through Status updates

    You can now @ Tag your friend in Status Updates - until now the tagging feature was only available for photos and videos. Also noteworthy - this was my 23 Birthday
  • 300,000,000 Million Users

    Facebook breaks 300,000,000 Million Users - less than 5 months after breaking 200,000,000
  • Facebook Groups start getting more exposure

    Facebook now starts displaying group comments + post in members newsfeed
  • Before Most Recent - there was Live Feed

    Live feed allowed users to see "What happening now" - this later became the Most Recent Filter
  • Facebook Share gets a face lift

    Facebook Share (launched in 2006) beings to display a count
  • Facebook introduces Shopping

    Facebook rolls out the first version of shopping - very few people actually use it. They will later roll out a new version of this 16 months later with Facebook Deals
  • Celebrating 1 year of Facebook Connect

    Facebook Connect allowed users to have a deeper, richer, more social experience on the web. 80,000 website use Facebook Connect (that number is about to sky rocket)
  • Ability to reply to comments via Email

    Facebook introduces the ability to reply to comments via email.
  • Facebook celebrates is 6th Year

  • New Home Page

    Facebook rolls ot the new home page top menu - this makes it easier for users to navigate to what is important to them.
  • Facebook Mobile breaks 100,000,000 users

    This is only a few months after breaking 65,000,000
  • Facebook Pages updated

    Facebook Pages get a major face lift New Layout
    New functionality Overall great enhacements
  • Facebook makes photos Larger

    Facebook increase the size of photos to 720px - that is a 20% increase from the prvevious version
  • Facebook improves Search - still not great

    Facebook begins to display more search results as you type ... Google later rolls out their version of this with Google Instant...not really the same thing - but I am sure they were inspired by it. Facebook search is still pretty bad
  • Facebook introduces Community Pages

    Pages that are dedicated to a topic of experience....they need to get rid of this
  • Facebook introduces Open Graph during F8

    Putting people at the center of the web not links
  • Facebook Intoduces Social Plugins

    Like Button, Activity Feed, Recommendations and many more great tools that can provide a social experience on your site
  • Facebook introduces new security features

    Being notified when someone logs into your account. Great feature that I love
  • Facebook rolls out new Privacy Interface

    Better control and easier to understand privacy settings
  • Facebook rolls out the Like in Comment Feature

    Until this feature was introduced - you could only Like post ...now you have the ability to Like comments in post.
  • Permission Simplified

    Giving permissions to applications was very confusing in the past - now Facebook introduced a simplified version so users could understand what information apps had acess too.
  • Facebook breaks 500,000,000 users

    This is roughly 1 year after they broker 250,000,000 users . Essentially doubling the size in 1 year.
  • Facebook introduces Facebook stories

    Facebook introduce Facebook stories...nobody uses it.
  • The Like Button gets more functionality

    Analytics, Faces, and the ability to add comments
  • Facebook introduces Questions

    They began testing questions in July of 2010 - they then shelved it and re launched in the spring of 2011
  • Photos get a makeover

    Facebook photos move to a Photo Stack - much better for viewing
  • Facebook beefs up Notes App

    New functionality such as bullet points, quotes, list and tagging.
  • Facebook Places

    Facebook launches Facebook Places - their check-in app ..8 months later they are still trying to make it more exciting...
  • Like button enhacements

    From Facebook - We’ve also made it possible for the Like button to link to Facebook Pages. Page owners now have the option of either using the Like button or Like Box to generate connections. Simply enter the Facebook Page URL into the configurator.
  • Facebook Page Browser tool

    Facebook introduces new tool to browse Facebook Pages - I don't think anybody uses it.
  • Facebook revamps Groups

    Facebook revamps groups - adding Group Chat, more prominence in the newsfeed and better security.
  • Facebook introduce Social Search with Bing

    Facebook goal was to make "Search" more "Social" thus making it easier for you to find more relevant information...Still a work in progress
  • Facebook & Skype

    When you install the new Skype version 5.0 for Windows and sign in with Facebook, you can easily call or SMS your friends. You also can check out your News Feed, update your status, and like and comment on posts directly within Skype.
  • Facebook Friendship Pages

    Shows all of your interactions with your friends on one page...sounds cool but is actually pretty boring.
  • Facebook Profiles get a Face Lift

    Many changes including photo row, featured friends, and more prominence on your info. The backlash was pretty intense when this happened but people got used to it after a few weeks.
  • Facebook Insights

    From Facebook - With this and other recent improvements, you can now view and export metrics for any specified time frame. We will discontinue the old Insights tool on January 31 to focus resources on the new Insights dashboard.
  • Facebook Introduces Deals

    Facebook rolled out Deals - I have yet to take advantage of one yet. Starting today, local businesses will be able to offer you deals when you check in to their place on Facebook. Deals will be rolling out over the next few days and will only be available in the United States at this time.
  • High Res photos

    Size jumps to 2048px that is up from 720px
  • Iframe for pages

    From Facebook - This means you can now build apps that run across Facebook (including Pages and Canvas applications) using the same simple, standards-based web programming model (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS). In addition, you can easily integrate social plugins and the Graph API within your tab.
  • Facebook introduces new Messages - Email Killer?

    Major enhancments to messages
    1. All messages synced together with friends
    2. Easier navigation
    3. Better spam protection
    Overall a fantastic job
  • Facebook Comments

    Facebook Comments introduce a new way for website owners to leverage comments on their blog to increase traffic, increase interaction and increase the ability to get more exposure for their blog post. Early results from FB comments have been very promising.
  • Real Time Analytics

    Facebook rolls our real time analytics for Social Plugins - this is an incredible tool that allows you to very accurately measure the impact of your social plugins
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