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Eyewitness to History (Jordan Pohlman)

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    Eyewitness to History

  • Watergate

    This charged president Nixon with crimes that eventually led to him resigning. It was the major scandal against Nixon. Tapes came out with him having a conference in the White House with the suspects. Nixon was to be impeached, but resigned instead.
  • Nixon Leaves

    Nixon Leaves
    Nixon has resigned which means that the Vice President Gerald Ford is to be inaugerated. This was not a vote of the Americans.
  • War in Saigon Ending

    War in Saigon Ending
    The Americans are finally leaving the war in Vietnam. This is a heavy burden lifted off many people's shoulders. Now there will be less deaths, and less contraversy on the home front. People from South Vietnam tried to get out with the Americans, but could not be saved.
  • President Carter Elected

    President Carter Elected
    A new president is elected, which means a sort of fresh start. The "Peanut Farmer" from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, is now the president.
  • Leak of Radio Active Steam

    Leak of Radio Active Steam
    In Pennylvania, radio active steam from a nuclear plant leaked into the USA atmosphere. A water pump broke and five hundred workers were said to have been contaminated.
  • Energy Crisis and Hostages in Iran

    Energy Crisis and Hostages in Iran
    In this year, Jimmy Carter decided to rescue the hostages from Iran. This finally ended in 1981, but not all hostages got to escape. Many tried to climb over fences, walls, and get through security to escape Iran.
  • Ronald Reagan is Elected

    Ronald Reagan is Elected
    A new president has been elected. Ronald Reagan is the only president that was ever a former movie star. He is known for his charisma and conservativeness.
  • John Lennon Dies

    John Lennon Dies
    John Lennon was shot and murdered outside his hotel. He was one of America's favorite musicians and was part of the Beatles.
  • Reagan Shot

    Reagan Shot
    There was a assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan's life. He was rushed to the closest hospital and was saved. The bullet was lodged in his rib and made him cough up blood due to the damage to his lung.
  • AIDS

    A new HIV disease is found. This new HIV is said to only effect homosexual men in the start, but when Magic Johnson is diagnosed with AIDS, America comes to a sad realization. Everyone can be effected by AIDS. Poorer counties have more dying of AIDS, so America goes to help.
  • Challeger Explosion

    Challeger Explosion
    The Challeger was lauched to go to the moon, but before it could reach thus far, it exploded in mid-air. This defistated many Americans. The astronauts aboard the challenger died.
  • Cold War Missile

    Cold War Missile
    Ronald Reagan and the leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, signed an agreement that there will be no more medium/intermidiate range missiles used in the Soviet Union. This led to the end of the Cold War in the end.
  • Berlin Wall Falls

    Berlin Wall Falls
    The Berlin Wall separated East and West Germany, and for a time, any who were to try to cross the wall were shot or beaten. On this day, it was now fine to cross the wall. People from each side helped wach other across and broke down the wall piece by piece.
  • Desert Storm

    Desert Storm
    Saddam decided to invade Kuwait, Iraq. America steps in to help and the Iraq War starts. America first takes down the Iraq border and radar stations, then air attacks are made.
  • Los Angeles Riots

    Los Angeles Riots
    The police beat a black man and are sent to trial. After this, several fights break out related to this act of racial profiling.
  • Floods of '93

    Floods of '93
    The Midwest region of America was flooding due to massive amounts of rain. Many were without power and adaquite forms of hygiene. The water in jugs and bottles were all sold from grocery stores. This lasted from May to September.
  • Women in the World

    Women in the World
    Women fought for their rights in the 1960's and even before that, but at this point in time, women were not only found in the kitchen, but also in high powered jobs. They still are not getting the recognition they should, but this is still a step forward.
  • Impeachment of Clinton

    Impeachment of Clinton
    Bill Clinton was impeached because of an affair with a White House intern, Monica Lewinski. His testimony conflicted with hers so he was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. This did not just last one day, nor did it start on this day, but according to the Tom Brokaw movie and his report in the past, it ended here. The House of Representatives voted for his impeachement.
  • Elections of 2000

    Elections of 2000
    Al Gore went up against George Bush in the 2000 election. It was pronounced that George Bush won the election in November. He was interviewed and asked if he found it hard that his views were different than Bill Clinton's. He said no.