Exposed by Kimberly Marcus ( 253 pages- fiction)

  • Read pages 0-30

    Elizabeth gets in a fight with Kate after telling her she should become a professional dancer instead of what she really wants to do. She calls to apologize but Kate doesnt answer and shes been avoiding her texts and calls all weekend.
  • ready pages 31-50

    Kate has been acoiding Elizabeth at school, and when Elizabeth finally gets the chance to talk to her Kate is very short with her even though she says everything id okay. Her 2 other friends dont have a clue whats going on with Kate either.
  • Read pages 51-83

    Mrs Pratt the photography teacher compliments Elizabeths photo and says its a perfect shot. Kate still acting strange and avoiding Elizabeth but Amanda says she's not mad. Then Elizabeth frinds out what happened at the slumber party. Kate was fooling around with Mike, Elizabeths brother. Then the secret spills. Kate claims Mike raped her, but mike disagrees when Elizabeth talked to him.
  • Read pages 84-125

    Kate is so mad Elizabeth doesnt believe her. She started talking about the pillow Mike used to keep her quiet. The one night the cops show up at the dorr to arrest Mike for rape, and he spend the night in jail. Everyones talking about it and Elizabeth doesnt know what to think.
  • Read pages 126 180

    Elizabeth chooses to believe her brother and explains to Kate that it was just sex. Kate flips out and tells her how she tried to run upstairs but Mike wouldnt let her. Kate and her are no longer best friends and its all because of Mike. Elizabeth has now lost her touch for photography and wants to give up.
  • read pages 181- 229

    Mrs pratt tell Elizabeth her original portfolio was a lot strong and Elizabeth wants to give up. Mrs pratt pulls out photos of Elizabeth and Kate and Elizabeth starts balling. Elizabeth suddenly thinks her brother is guilty and her Uncle nate who is a lawyer wants to put her on the stand. Then shes even more of a mess when her a Brian brake up. At last shes on the stand and cant think straight.
  • Read pages 226-257

    Elizabeth notices Kate is minoring in dance and shes thrilled about but so sad shes not the one to hear the news from. She feels done with photography and shes at the beach trying to capture a shot when she sees Kate. She build up enough courage to talk to her but there conversation is short. Kate apologizes and the conversation ends with bye.