Evolution of Wifi

Timeline created by Chad M. Leo
  • Wifi Coined

    Wifi Coined
    The WECA (later Wifi) Alliance & Interbrand coined the term "WiFi" in 1999.
  • 802.11

    Operators around the world start offering WiFi along with classic cable connectivity.
  • Faster

    WiFi becomes faster. New standards increase the speed to 54Mbps (802.11g).
  • First WiFi Devices hit the Market

    First WiFi Devices hit the Market
    In 2001 the first devices with Wifi, such as PDAs, cell-phones and TVs, hit the market
  • Makin' it Official

    Makin' it Official
    The term WiFi is added to the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary in 2005.
  • Fon Created

    Fon Created
    Fon, the first WiFi community is born. Members share a bit of WiFi at home and in return they get free connectivity on the go
  • Fon reaches 400,000

    Fon reaches 400,000
    Due to partnerships with major telcos, Fon reaches 400,000 hotspots globally, allowing people more accessability to complete work on the run
  • 600 million

    600 million
    In 2009 WiFi device sales surpass 600 million globally. Now WiFi is leaning towards a regular in business.
  • 3 million

    3 million
    3 million users share WiFi at home with Fon 1.2 billion people buy a WiFi device
  • 25%

    WiFi is in 25% of homes worldwide by 2012
  • New Standards

    New Standards
    New standards break the gigabit barrier in terms of WiFi speed.
  • Fon is Global

    Fon is Global
    Fon, now the world's largest WiFi network, is present in 5 continents with more than 14 million hotspots. WiFi is now becoming a worldwide necessity to run a business.
  • Going Forward!

    Going Forward!
    WiFi is now, and will forever, be a necessity and standard to running a business. WiFi allows you to connect, complete work, and communication, anywhere and everywhere you go.