evolution of the mobile phone.

  • the first phone

    the first phone was called the car phone
  • the second phone

    the second phone was called the DynaTAC 8000x.
  • the first phone with a touch screem

    ahead of its time the IBM Simon was the first touch screen phone
  • the worlds first flip phone

    the first flip phone was called Motorola starTAC
  • the first BlackBerry phone

    the first black berry phone was called BlackBerry 5810
  • the T-modle sidekick

  • the best selling phone of all time

    nokia 1100
  • mortorola Razr V3

  • Apple introduces the iPhone

    Apple re-invents the phone
  • BlackBerry Curve 8300

  • Apple iPhone released

    just right after the most popular blackberry device was released the original iPhone hit shelves nationwide
  • the first phone to run Android

    HTC Dream
  • Samsung's first Galaxy phone

    Samsung GT-I7500
  • Google Pixel

    the first phone designed completely by google
  • the first implantable phone

    our current phones are a far cry from the first phone and it is predicted that to the first implantable phone would be in 2024