Evolution of Technology/ Social Media

  • Myspace

    Myspace was launched on August 1, 2003. The Creators where Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe. Myspace was one of the founding fathers of big social media platforms
  • Youtube

    Youtube invented by Jawed Karim, Youtube is used for educational purposes as well as entertainment purposes
  • Discord

    Discord was released on May 13,2005. Founders were Jason Citron. Discord mostly functions as a gaming platform where you can be in calls with friends.
  • IPhone

    The Iphone was Created by Steve Jobs in 2007.Iphones is one of the most popular phones out in the world right now
  • Android

    Android was created by And Rubin in 2003. Google bought out android and uses it in their cellphones OS. Android was released in September 23,2008